What Is ‘Feel Real’ Technology On An Artificial Christmas Tree?

What Is ‘Feel Real’ Technology On An Artificial Christmas Tree?

Opt for 'Feel Real' technology for that real tree look without the mess

Many of our artificial Christmas trees now feature Feel Real technology.

Our Premium trees are a mixture of PE, which stands for Polyetheylene, and PVC. The PVC is in the centre of the tree, which means that once it is decorated you won’t be able to see it; this helps keep down the price of the tree. The PE 'Feel Real' branches are all the visible branches around the edge of the tree.



The tree in the video is a Smokey Mountain which also features ‘Memory Wire’ branches and the ‘Power Connect’ lighting system.



These tips feel like real spruce needles and are actually made in a mould taken from real trees, resulting in our artificial trees being as close as possible to the real thing.

Once it’s decorated you won’t be able to tell that it isn’t a real tree, except for the fact you won’t be hoovering up needles for the rest of the year.

All our artificial trees carry a 5 Year Guarantee.

Take a tip from us and bring nature into your living room.

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