What Accessories Do I Need To Cook In The Alfa Wood Fired Oven?

What Accessories Do I Need To Cook In The Alfa Wood Fired Oven?

Add a few accessories to make the most of your oven

The absolute essential Alfa accessory is the Peel Set as it contains the rake needed to push the fire to one side after the logs are well alight. Essential for sweeping away the ashes is the brush with brass bristles, which ensure that the ceramic refractory floor isn’t damaged. Completing the set are the two peels; for placing the pizza and bread into the oven and scraping any burned remains off the bottom. Store your peel set in a stylish holder; there are two available, the Arco and the Vela. The sets are available in two sizes; 90cm (3’) for the smaller ovens such as Ciao and 5 Minuti, and the 120cm (4’) for the larger ovens like the Toto Grilloven, 4 Pizze and Allegro.

If you want to get the most out of your oven try baking scrumptious bread. There’s nothing like the taste of home-made fresh bread cooked in a wood fired oven. The Panettiere Kit (Bakery kit) gives you everything you need to have delicious focaccia and ciabatta. The kit contains: wooden peel, wooden board, wooden chopping board, wooden box for rising the dough, cotton cloth, dough storage box, pastry cutter and a heat proof glove.



The roast kit will increase your culinary output and allow you to get even more out of the oven. It contains tongs, a carving fork, spatula, and a stain-less steel grid on which to stand your meat, fish and vegetables. There is also a soap stone plancha which you can use to quickly sear scallops, steaks, fillets of fish and chicken and crunchy asparagus spears. You also get a baking tray, ember mover, heat-proof glove, cookbook and apron.



If you do a lot of entertaining and really want to push the boat out, the stylish Pizza Amico Cart is an absolute must. It holds absolutely everything you need to make the most of your oven; the peel set, dough box, sauces, wooden work board and towel rail. There is also a shelf and deep drawer to hold all your utensils, cutlery, crockery and serving dishes. Although it does seem a little self-indulgent it does make life a lot easier by having everything to hand.  

With a few accessories you can really cook almost anything in the Alfa oven that you can cook in a normal kitchen, so why not make the most of the outdoors and add an extra layer of flavour from the wood smoke.


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