Weber Genesis 11 E-310

Weber Genesis 11 E-310

Try the top quality Genesis 11; easy to use and easily cooks for 2 or 10

This new addition to the Weber range is aimed at the griller who cooks for a large number of people, up to 10, but who only wants a basic no-frills quality grill. This Genesis 11 E-310 represents great value for money, £719, and you can trust in Weber to give you a well-built BBQ which will last for years. All the BBQs are tested by Weber before dispatch so you can confidently take delivery and know that within a few minutes you can be up and running. It has a Gourmet Barbecue System (GBS) which will allow you to expand your repertoire when you become more experienced. (Watch the video which explains all about the GBS).


The 3 high performance burners are lit by an electronic ignition and give an even cook over the whole grill surface. Flavorizer Bars are included to give you that authentic smoky BBQ taste you normally associate with a charcoal barbecue. The adjustable burners will cook at any temperature from low and slow to a hot sear. The porcelain-enamelled cast iron cooking grates will give years of service; at the end of every cook just give them an brush with the Weber Cleaning Brush to remove any burnt on residue then wipe over with a mild solution of soapy water. This is best done when the grill is just warm. The grease management system funnels the drips into a disposable tray so no messy bottom of the grill to clean; just a wipe with warm soapy water after every cook will keep it in good condition.

 The grill size in total is an enormous 4,316 sq cm (669 sq ins); comprising the main cook grill which measures 68 x 48cm (27 x 19”) and the flip down warming rack measuring 66 x 15 cm (26 x 6”). The porcelain-enamelled lid has a light in the handle and incorporates a thermometer to help you achieve fabulous results every time. It is also iGrill compatible so you can monitor the temperature of your food without needing to stand beside the grill; invaluable if you are doing a large piece of meat low and slow. Outside the unit there are 2 stainless steel side tables, one of which folds down, 3 tool hooks and an under-shelf. The heavy duty castors, 2 of which lock, make it really easy to move around.

Weber Genesis 11 E-310

This barbecue is a fantastic starter grill for those who eventually want to increase their barbecuing skills; it can cook just for the family as easily as it can for a large party.

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