How to cook tropical fruit sundae on the Weber Master-Touch BBQ

How to cook tropical fruit sundae on the Weber Master-Touch BBQ

Finish the BBQ with a quick, easy, truly indulgent fruity dessert

Once you’ve had your fill of the main course why not make room for a delicious dessert. Just brush off the grate with a wire brush to remove any savoury traces. We made three desserts out of one pineapple but you could easily make it stretch to six. This sundae is so easy just throw on the pineapple rings while you are eating the main course. Set out a selection of sauces, such as coconut, mango, caramel or chocolate, chopped pistachio nuts, sprinkles or grated chocolate and let everyone make up their own sundae. It doesn’t have to be pineapple, any firm fleshed fruit, such as peach or mango can be used, or even a bit of all three.



  • 1 pineapple; peeled, cored and cut into rings
  • brown sugar
  • Jersey Ice Cream, for serving
  • coconut syrup or mango sauce
  • caramel sauce

Rub a little brown sugar into each side of the pineapple rings.

Cook the pineapple on a high grill over the direct heat for a couple of minutes until it has acquired char marks then turn over.

Serve with a scoop of good quality dairy ice cream and a drizzle of the sauces and maybe some chopped nuts of your choice.

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