Smokey Mountain Artificial Christmas tree

Smokey Mountain Artificial Christmas tree

The Smokey Mountain tree features all the Next Generation technology

The Smokey Mountain artificial Christmas tree from The National Tree Company is relatively new on the market, and is one of our Next Generation advanced trees, but has already proved a winner with our customers. It is a completely realistic mid-green tree and its many new technological features make it exceptionally quick and easy to put up and dress out. The height varies from 135cm (4.5’) to 240cm (8’) and it also comes in a slim version which is ideal if you are a little restricted for space; you still get the impact of a full-sized tree.

The branches are hinged so no messing around attaching each branch, they are also ‘Memory Wire’ which cuts down on the length of time needed to dress out the tree. The ‘Memory Wire’ is super-strong wire which remembers where it is placed. The first year you have the tree you may have to spend a little time arranging the branches to your liking but every year thereafter they should just fall into shape. 



The foliage itself is a mixture of 40% PE (polyethylene) and 60% PVC. The PE is modelled on real tree branches and is around the outside of the tree, the PVC is all in the centre where, once you have it decorated, it won’t be visible. Including the PVC helps keep the cost of the tree down to a reasonable amount as the PE is quite an expensive element and an all PE tree would be outside the budget of most people. This technology is marketed under the name of Feel Real so if you see a tree advertised as having ‘Feel Real’ branches then you know that you are buying the best.

Each section of these Next Generation trees comes wrapped in a fabric sleeve which you just lift off as you are building the tree. Take the stand out of the box and form it into an X shape; take the bottom section of tree, the largest and heaviest, and insert the tree pole into the stand then tighten up the screws. Gently pull off the sleeve and let the branches fall down, tweak these branches before you insert the next section of tree, which you then dress out as you did for the bottom piece. It is easier to arrange the branches on the top section before you place it into the top of the tree, especially if you have one of the tall trees.

The pre-lit versions have warm white LEDs which, unusually for LEDs are replaceable. They should last about 50,000 hours but if one should break or go out for whatever reason we will replace them free of charge for the life of the tree, which The National Tree Company estimates to be at least 5 years. The ‘Power Connect’ system on these Next Generation trees requires no connection of light strings whatsoever; they connect via the central pole. When you have secured the bottom section into the stand plug in and turn on the lights. As you insert the sections they should just light up automatically; you may have to gently twist the tree sections to ensure a secure connection.

As you are dressing out the top section of the tree you may see a light connection which doesn’t appear to have anything to connect to; it attaches to the light-up angel or star tree topper which are available for the National Tree trees. They will not work in conjunction with pre-lit trees from other companies.

Smokey Mountain artificial Christmas tree

All parts of the tree are guaranteed for the life of the tree, about 5 years, provided it is a manufacturing fault and not because it has been misused or not stored correctly. The sturdy box in which the tree is packed can also be used to store the tree from year to year. The ends of the tree poles will arrive protected by plastic caps, this is to prevent the pole stabbing through the box and injuring anyone handling the box, it has nothing to do with the construction of the tree so can be thrown away when you unpack the tree. If it arrives broken then it has done its job and does not mean that the tree is in any way faulty.

The ‘Music Match’ system is also a relatively new innovation; it allows your tree lights to dance in time to your selection of music. The control box goes in-between the plug and the start of the lights cable and pairs to your music stored on your phone, so you can get your party off to a great start with dancing tree lights. 


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