How to store an artificial Christmas tree

How to store an artificial Christmas tree

Storing your tree correctly increases the lifespan and makes it easier to erect

Anything that makes it easier to put up the Christmas tree must be a good thing, storing it correctly can be the first step towards making Christmas a little less stressful. Our quality artificial trees are guaranteed for 15 years so storing them correctly ensures that every year they look as pristine as the day they were bought.

Squashing the tree branches every year into the original box eventually weakens the wires and shortens the life of the tree. So try and store the tree somewhere large enough that you don’t have to flatten the branches. Wherever you store the tree make sure it is dry and frost free.

If you have the space to store the tree upright securely fasten a sturdy piece of MDF to one of the wheeled pot stands and assemble the tree on the top then all you have to do is wheel it into the cupboard or garage and cover either in cling film or a couple of old sheets. If you use shatterproof baubles you can even stow it away decorated and with the lights intact.

If the box in which the tree was delivered is sturdy and has plenty of room to take the tree then by all means reuse this. If the box is too small then invest in a tree bag; these bags from The National Tree Company are roomy enough to take a tree up to 2.7m (9’) in height.

tree bag for artificial Christmas tree

The best quality trees with the Memory Wire technology definitely need to be stored without squashing the branches as they are designed to just fall into shape year after year; they just need some tweaking the first year of purchase. If you are stowing a large tree in the loft don’t put it in the box or bag then try and struggle to fit it through the loft hatch, take the box up first then each section separately.

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