How To Sow Seed On Impregnated Seed Tapes

How To Sow Seed On Impregnated Seed Tapes

Vegetables sown using seed tapes are easy and have a high germination rate

Seed tapes are made from bio-degradable material which is impregnated with seed. The seed is spaced out which reduces the need to thin out, which is important with regard to carrots as thinning carrots releases the scent of the foliage which in turn attracts the attention of carrot root fly.

The seeds used are usually those which are fiddly to sow, such as carrots. Varieties available are all the popular reliable vegetables, resulting in an extremely high germination rate. The tapes make it easier to make a straight row. Seed mats are also available which are the same principle but are for sowing vegetables in pots.

Watch the video which shows how to sow seed tapes in the ground; we are sowing carrot 'Early Nantes'.


 You will need:

  • rake
  • seed
  • watering can with a fine rose
  • scissors to cut the tape
  • label

We have chosen to plant carrots, the variety we have chosen is ‘Early Nantes’ a good reliable variety ; beetroot which is ‘Rainbow Mix’, a mixture of different coloured beets and a lettuce mixture  ‘All Year Round’, ‘Red Salad Bowl’, ‘Webb’s Wonderful’ and ‘Green Cos’.

Mixed salad leaves

Make a groove in the soil, which has been raked smooth, with the edge of the rake.

Lay out the tape and cut off at the right length.

Rake the soil back over the tape.

Water in with a fine rose.

For a succession of vegetables throughout the summer sow a little at 2 weekly intervals.

Remember to keep damp if the weather is dry, if the beetroot and lettuce get too dry they will bolt and the carrots will be hard and woody.


Angela Slater

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