How To Put Up And Adjust A Suncoast Zero Gravity Relaxer

How To Put Up And Adjust A Suncoast Zero Gravity Relaxer

Ease your relaxer into any position with just a flick of a finger

This luxury relaxer easily adjusts to almost any position in a smooth movement with just one finger. As it is padded with an adjustable headrest there is no need to go to the expense of buying extra cushions. The solid wood arm rests just add that extra touch of quality.


 Hold the chair sideways on to yourself.

Push the backrest out and the bottom will come out automatically.

Sit in the chair and place your heels on the bottom bar and your hands on the arms.

Lean back until you have the desired position then push down the brake locks which are just underneath the arm rests.

It is made from Textaline which dries quickly and is long-lasting. Although it is weatherproof sometimes the rain can leave it watermarked. It is a strong fabric which is attached to the black steel frame by strong elastic fastenings. We are so confident in the quality of the materials and workmanship that we give it a 3 year guarantee.

Storing it over the winter in a storage/carry bag, although not essential, will extend the life and keep it looking new for longer. Just make sure it is completely dry before storing.


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