How To Plant Cauliflower Plants In A Raised Bed

How To Plant Cauliflower Plants In A Raised Bed

If you have the space growing cauliflowers is cheaper than buying them

You will need:

  • cauliflower plants
  • Growmore
  • well-rotted manure
  • trowel
  • lime

Prepare the bed by adding a handful of lime, Growmore and by digging in some well-rotted farmyard manure. Once done tread the soil down firmly.


Plant them 60cm (2’) apart or if you only want a small head 30 – 45cm (12 – 18”) apart would be sufficient.

Plant up to the first leaves and firm in really well.

Water well and keep them evenly damp.

Once they are growing well give them a handful of high nitrogen fertiliser.

Cabbage white caterpillars can devastate your crop so either cover with a fine insect-proof mesh or keep an eye out for the butterflies and pick the caterpillars off.

Club root is another problem so make sure the soil is well-draining and that the soil is alkaline.


Angela Slater

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