How To Make A Stunning Christmas Table Centrepiece

How To Make A Stunning Christmas Table Centrepiece

Glamourise your Christmas dinner table with a spectacular centrepiece

Creating a stunning Christmas dinner table is easy with our instructions and video. We have made the centrepiece with artificial garlands, decorations, glitzy baubles, artificial fruit, candles and a string of battery operated lights. You can save money by incorporating fresh greenery, berries and cones. Also look out for sculptural dried flower and seed heads which you can use au natural or spray with metallic paint. If using natural greenery you may have to wire the branches together to create a garland.


To recreate our centrepiece you will need:

  • garland of greenery and berries
  • garland of glitzy leaves
  • glitzy baubles in two different sizes
  • sprays of artificial apples
  • wired ribbon
  • florists wire
  • wire cutters
  • scissors
  • chunky candles
  • string of warm white battery operated lights

It is easier if you construct the centrepiece on the table rather than do it elsewhere as we have done. Start with your garland of greenery and entwine the garland of leaves throughout the green garland. Fasten the two together with pieces of the florists wire; if you are doing this on the table you may not need to do this. Next add the sprays of apples at each end and one in the centre. You will have to tweak the garlands and sprays to add some height as when they are bought they will be packed flat.

Add the baubles in groups of 3 evenly along the garland; we have used quite large baubles and are only placing them at each end of the decoration at the base of the sprays of apples. Now make some bows, make sure they are not out of proportion to the size of the garlands. You will need a length of wire and some nice wired ribbon. Pull out enough to leave a tail then form two loops and leave enough to form a second tail, cut the ribbon off at an angle and twist a length of florists wire tightly around the middle. Pull out the loops so that they don’t lie flat. Wire the bows to the garland using the wire you used to tie the bows.

Now lay it on the table and do any finishing touches. Entwine the lights throughout the garland and add the chunky candles evenly along the length of the table.

Don’t forget to decorate the napkin rings and place names, add crackers and decorate each place with some nuts, fresh fruit or a Christmas decoration and some angel hair. The world’s your oyster and there are thousands of Christmas decorations in the shops so let your imagination run riot and have some fun creating a spectacular dinner table.

Check out our Youtube channel for more ideas on decorating your home at Christmas on a budget.

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