How To Keep Streptocarpus Flowering All Summer

How To Keep Streptocarpus Flowering All Summer


Streptocarpus are available in a range of colours and flower all summer

They originally come from South Africa where they live in deep river valleys in-between rocks, so they need damp but well-drained compost and warm, dappled shade. They will flower from late spring to well into autumn with only the minimum of care.


 You will need:

  • Dibley’s Streptocarpus plant food tablets
  • flower snips or sharp pointed scissors

Keep them in a warm light position, not direct sunlight; if you have other larger plants you could keep them underneath the foliage.

Streptocarpus Fsalling Stars

'Falling Stars'

Water the plant by dipping the pot into tepid water and keep them just damp.

Push one of the feed tablets into the compost every month from March to October; there is a checklist on the side of the pot that you cross out so you can remember if they have been fed.

Keep cutting off the spent flower stems to ensure continuous flowering throughout summer.


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