How To Cover Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture

How To Cover Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture

Cover your rattan garden furniture in winter to keep it looking pristine

Although good quality synthetic rattan garden furniture is weather proof and can be left outside all winter, it retains its’ pristine condition for longer if covered. If stacked together and all covered as one it won’t blow all over the garden in strong winds. Make sure it is dry and clean before covering it for the winter and the cushions are removed and stored in a cushion box.

Most companies make covers to specifically fit their own brand of furniture, so it is always a good idea to buy your covers at the same time as buying your furniture then our sales team can make sure you have the right ones to fit your furniture. Some cube modular sets and dining sets have covers which will cover the whole set as one, but most companies make the covers for each individual piece of furniture.

Make sure that the cover fits exactly and is not too big, as if it flaps around in the wind it is likely to rip and chafe on the corners of the furniture. Also ensure that you tie it down to the furniture legs.

The cover needs to be UV resistant if you have a budget set of furniture as the suns’ rays will penetrate the cover and fade the rattan; this is not a problem with the better quality furniture as it is UV resistant. The cover also needs to be breathable and not touching the ground in order to maintain good airflow, which will avoid condensation build-up. 


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