How to choose the colours for your Christmas tree decorations

How to choose the colours for your Christmas tree decorations

Don't know what colours go together? Follow our guide for a stylish tree

When it comes to decorating Christmas trees anything goes, it is all a matter of personal taste, so if someone doesn’t like your tree then just don’t invite them round again. For most families the Christmas tree is a very personal statement with each and every decoration filled with sentimental memories. However if you want a colour co-ordinated scheme and don’t know where to start then here are a few colour combinations to start you off.

artificial Christmas tree decorated in red, gold, green and cream

The problem arises when choosing your ornaments and the particular colour that you’ve set your heart on isn’t available that year. As with most things, Christmas decorations also fall victim to the whims of fashion, and a lot of the colours change each year. The staples of red, gold, silver and white will always remain constant.

artificial Christmas tree decorated with animal heads and lime green and champagne

If you’re going to be changing your colours every few years then choose a staple colour that can be matched with quite a few other colours and buy about half your decorations in that colour. Jazz it up with either one or two matching accent colours that can be changed quite cheaply.

christmas tree baubles in red, burgundy, gold and copper

Staple colours:

  • Black
  • Blue (navy, royal)
  • Champagne
  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Green (forest, lime, moss)
  • Natural (wood, twigs, pheasant feathers etc)
  • Purple
  • Red
  • Silver
  • White

Christmas decorations in dark purple and burgundy

Toning colours:

  • Black team with: burgundy, cerise, champagne, cream, crystal, frosty, gold, oyster, purple, red, rose, silver, steel grey, turquoise, white
  • Blue royal/navy team with: copper, cream, crystal, frosty, gold, pale blue, red, silver, white
  • Champagne team with: burgundy, caramel, copper, cream, crystal, gold, heather, oyster, natural, rose
  • Copper team with: burgundy, caramel, cream, crystal, forest green, frosty, gold, lime green, natural, orange, oyster, rose, teal
  • Forest green team with: burgundy, caramel, copper, cream, crystal, frosty, gold, natural, orange, oyster, red, tartan
  • Gold team with: burgundy, caramel, champagne, copper, cream, green, natural, oyster, red, rose, tartan, white
  • Lime green team with: burgundy, cerise, copper, cream, gold, natural, orange, oyster, purple, turquoise
  • Moss green team with: caramel, champagne, copper, cream, gold, heather, natural, orange, oyster, red, tartan
  • Natural team with: burgundy, caramel, champagne, cream, copper, crystal, frosty, gold, green (forest, lime, moss), heather, orange, oyster, red, rose, tartan, teal
  • Purple/dark violet team with: burgundy, black, crystal, gold, heather, orange, red, silver
  • Red team with: burgundy, cream, crystal, frosty, gold, green (all), natural, silver, tartan, white
  • Silver team with: blue (pale, navy and royal), crystal, frosty, steel grey, turquoise, white
  • White team with: black, blue (pale, navy and royal), caramel, champagne, cream, crystal, green (lime and mint), oyster, red, silver, steel grey, turquoise

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