Do I Need To Take In The Cushions Off My Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture In Winter?

Do I Need To Take In The Cushions Off My Synthetic Rattan Garden Furniture In Winter?

Cushions on quality rattan garden furniture need protection in winter

4 Seasons Fortaleza Cosy modular dining set in Roca (pictured above)

The cushions on good quality synthetic rattan garden furniture are weatherproof to a certain extent but need to be taken in in winter. They will shrug off a light shower in summer and soon dry out when the sun re-appears, but they are not completely waterproof so cannot withstand heavy rain. Cushions on a poorer quality set of furniture will not even be showerproof so will need to be taken in whenever the set is not in use.

Once the foam inner becomes saturated it will take a long time to dry out and runs the risk of becoming mouldy, which will leave it with a musty smell which is really difficult to eradicate.

Clean the cushions according to the manufacturer’s instructions before stowing them in a cushion box for the winter, making sure they are completely dry. If you don’t have a cushion box make sure the cushions are stowed somewhere dry and frost-free with an adequate airflow.

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