Best Quality Artificial Christmas Trees

Best Quality Artificial Christmas Trees

Weeping Spruce 7ft

A good quality artificial Christmas tree really is worth the expense

Why spend a substantial sum of money on a top quality artificial Christmas tree? Because it really does pay for itself over the life of the tree, it looks like the real thing and is quick to assemble leaving you time for more enjoyable pursuits.

If you like the look of a real tree then these quality trees represent a huge saving compared to buying fresh and we defy anyone to be able to tell the difference between them and a real tree. If you buy a 7’ fresh tree every Christmas it will cost, on average, £50 and you will spend £1,000 over 20 years. A top quality artificial tree with a life expectancy of 15 - 20 years will cost about £300, so you will save approximately £700 over the life of the artificial tree. If you are still a little unsure, we are also offering a 5 Year Guarantee so you can't go wrong!


 They are almost indistinguishable from the real thing as a result of the outer branch tips featuring ‘Feel Real’ technology. These branch tips are made from polyethylene (PE) which is poured into moulds taken from actual trees. They are mainly restricted to the ends of the branches to keep the cost reasonable. Once your tree is full of your gorgeous decorations and lights you can’t see the inside of the tree. These trees have a larger number of tips than the normal trees, which results in a much thicker tree. So, when choosing an artificial tree bear in mind how many tips the tree has and the style of your decorations. If you have a lot of large baubles it may be better to have a tree with fewer tips as you may struggle to fit the decorations between the branches if they are packed closely together. They also come in styles which mimic the randomness of the branches of a real forest tree; if you like this loose style then the Weeping Spruce is the tree for you.

Weeping Spruce Pre-lit artificial Christmas tree detail

Weeping Spruce Pre-lit

One of the main advantages of an artificial tree over a real one is the lack of mess. We all know that you end up hoovering needles for months after Christmas, even if the tree is one which is advertised as having ‘no-drop’ needles. The car also becomes full of needles when you take it for re-cycling. The artificial tree comes boxed, which can be re-used year after year, so there is absolutely no mess. The artificial tree also doesn’t contain any bugs which can become active once a fresh tree is brought into the warmth of your living room.

Buying a pre-lit tree will save hours of frustration winding lights around branches, leaving you more time to enjoy the festive season. All our pre-lit trees feature LED lights which will last for up to 50,000 hours. As they are low voltage and cold to the touch they are ideal if there are children in the house. Most of our tree lights are warm white but the Normandy Fir has the new generation ‘Dual Light’ system. This system has both warm white and multi-colour incorporated in a single string of lights. There are 4 settings: white only, multi only, white fading and multi-colour fading to white and back to multi. Spare bulbs are included with all our pre-lit trees in case any are damaged in transit. Hayes will also supply spare bulbs, free of charge, for 15 years from the purchase of the tree. 

The ‘Next Generation’ Christmas trees; Smokey Mountain, Fraser Fir and Nordic Spruce all feature the ‘Memory Shape’ branches and the ‘Power Connect’ lighting system. ’Memory Shape’ branches are constructed from strong steel wire, which, once you have it in the desired shape will spring back into this shape year after year. The first year you put the tree up the branches will need a little tweaking into shape. In subsequent years they should just fall into shape when you release the branches from the sleeve; they may only need a few minutes adjusting to cover any gaps.

Fraser Fir Next Generation artificial Christmas tree detail

Fraser Fir

Smokey Mountain 7ft Next Generation artificial Christmas tree

Smokey Mountain 7ft

The ‘Power Connect’ lighting system has connections down the central pole of the tree. When you assemble the tree place the bottom section in the stand and switch on the lights. As you fit each section the lights will automatically come on; so no more searching through the branches for the correct connections. If they don’t immediately light just twist the section a little to ensure there is a solid connection.

Several of our trees also come with natural cone and berry decoration which cuts down on the amount of decorations required to achieve a stunning tree.

Colonial Fir artificial Christmas tree decorated with cones and berries

Colonial Fir

If you only have a restricted space for your Christmas tree then don't despair as many of our best quality trees are also available in a slim version.

Bayberry Spruce 7ft Slim artificial Christmas tree

Pre-lit Bayberry Spruce 7ft Slim

These trees are certainly worth the expense as they will last for years and save an enormous amount of time usually associated with putting up the Christmas tree; leaving you with more free time to enjoy the season's festivities.

FREE Gifts

Our artificial Christmas trees are even better value because all trees over 4ft come with a choice of free gift with values ranging from £9.99 to £29.99 & here you can see a few examples. Whether you want a tree bag for storage, a garland for your mantelpiece or a wreath for your front door, the sooner you order the better as when they're gone they're gone! The choice of gifts varies according to the tree you buy & you will find more information on individual trees on the website.

Here at Hayes Garden World we are proud of our service and thankfully the majority of our customers think so too, so you can order with confidence. If you do have a problem our sales team are only too happy to sort it out to your satisfaction.

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