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Sleep with your Christmas tree

How having a Christmas tree in the bedroom can lead to a better night's sleep

After what’s been a difficult year for Brits, many are looking forward to what Christmas 2021 has to offer. For the majority of households, digging out the Christmas tree, and decorating it, kicks off the festivities.

But what if putting up your Christmas tree also had some hidden benefits you may have not thought about?

We have teamed up with Bed Guru’s sleep expert, Carl Wash, to explain how having your tree in the bedroom could give you a better night’s sleep.

1. Green is a soothing colour and a calming reminder of nature

“Our brains collect information from our surroundings and translates this into chemical signals, releasing different hormones in response. In this instance, melatonin and cortisol as they’re the hormones that control your sleep cycle. That’s why it's good to consider what colours you’re using in the bedroom to ensure your brain is telling your body to release the right hormones that will put your body into a sleepy state. Green is a colour known to be good for relaxation, softer shades of greens especially. Generally, green is a colour known to be good for relaxation and promoting good quality sleep as it is a non-stimulating colour, especially softer shades of green.”

2. Decorating for Christmas brings feelings of nostalgia

“Decorating for Christmas can also make you happier as it brings a sense of nostalgia. We’re all just big kids at heart so doing something like decorating for Christmas just awakens the child within us. For most of us, all the Christmas festivities, decorating and the day itself is a key memory from our childhood. It’s a time we associate with childhood happiness and excitement. So although Christmas can be a pretty stressful time of year, taking part in Christmas related activities takes people back to their childhood where they had no responsibilities and in that moment they forget about all the other stressful things. That’s always going to be good for your sleep. All the Christmas festivities give you a reason to step away from your responsibility, become a child again and just relax and have fun. Clearing your mind in this way will help you sleep more soundly at night.”

3.  Decorating a Christmas tree can give you a feeling of control and efficacy

“This reduces anxiety which helps you sleep better. Taste in Christmas trees is personal, meaning the majority of us wouldn’t like to purchase a pre-decorated tree to display in our home. Plain Christmas trees allow us to be creative, bring to life the inspiration and ideas we have in our head and have complete control over how the finished tree looks. During the busiest time of the year, having the simple pleasure of decorating our trees to our personal taste brings some festive joy, and calmness to our daily lives. This reduces anxiety which helps you sleep better.”

4. Real Christmas trees trigger allergies - ditch it for an artificial one!

“A lot of people complain during the summer because hay fever is stopping them sleeping properly. People can also get a similar reaction around Christmas time if they’re allergic to Christmas trees. For those allergic to Christmas trees, I would 100% say to stop sacrificing sleep, ditch the real tree and buy one that will last a lifetime. Artificial trees can look just as good as real ones, and no one wants sleepless nights during the festive season.”

5. Christmas trees can act as visual religious reminder

“Studies have shown religious faith can help you sleep better. For a lot of people, religion provides almost a comfort blanket for them, helping to relieve stress and anxiety. Rather than sitting awake at night worrying, they find comfort in their religion and believing that a higher power is looking out for them, and guiding them in the right direction.”

6. The bright colours produce hormones which make us feel happy

“As with colours in the bedroom, our brain responds to our visual surroundings. So, when you’ve decorated for Christmas, the bright colours help promote the release of happy hormones.”

About Carl Walsh

Carl Walsh is resident sleep specialist and owner of Bed Guru. His passion for sleep and its potential to positively impact people’s lives has been the driving force behind the family business for generations. With 40 years of experience behind him, Carl knows everything about what it takes to have a great night's sleep, and wake up feeling prepared for the day ahead.