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Let’s Take a Look at Summer 2021

What we're going to be doing in our gardens this year

It’s been a long time since we’ve been able to socialise with friends and make the most of our outdoor spaces. Having spent much of summer 2020 being isolated, we wanted to take a look at what that might mean for summer 2021.

To get an idea of just how Brits are feeling about their gardens and what they want this summer, we conducted a survey of 2,412 people about all things outdoors; including barbecues and even the idea of a second Christmas.

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of people have grown to love their gardens with 92% saying they appreciate their outdoor space more than ever. One benefit to come from being at home is the enthusiasm from the 6 in 10 Brits who stated their interest in gardening had increased since the beginning of the pandemic. 

At Hayes, we love that summer comes with an unwritten rule about BBQs being an absolute must. It seems most people agree, with two thirds saying a BBQ is the best family garden activity; even more so than playing games or even gardening itself. Of course, if you’re having a BBQ, you must have food too? Well maybe not; according to our survey 59% of Brits think wine is more important than hot dogs at a BBQ, while a boozy 54% deemed beer the biggest priority. Only 29% believed water was important, which says a lot about how much we’re all looking forward to raising a glass with loved ones.

Whether it’s the rule of six or a get together for 30, an overwhelming 52% of participants agreed that invites to their garden parties would go out to loved ones they hadn’t seen in a while. A less soppy 15% would like to invite their most fun and entertaining friends, and 22% of us wouldn’t let weather get in the way, choosing to have a BBQ regardless of the rain. In fact, 2 in 10 Brits will still be heading to the beer garden in a downpour this summer. Better make sure you’ve got your parasols and firepits ready.

Even Christmas could make an appearance in gardens across the UK this summer. Having missed out on a big family gathering, 1 in 10 Brits are now planning on having a second Christmas to make up for it. The majority would opt to use their outdoor space to host the festivities and 33% of those surveyed would give a BBQ roast dinner a try. We say, why not? It’s a great time to get as much use of your garden as possible and celebrate in any way you want to.

Unfortunately, all this socialising might be too much for the 39% of people who used their garden to escape their housemates during lockdown. Not to worry though, we’ve got plenty of sun loungers for them to hide away on.

It’s exciting being able to enjoy our gardens with friends again and to throw another burger on the barbie. We’ll be making the most of the season and all it has to offer; however, your summer 2021 looks, we hope you get to enjoy it too.