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7.5ft Lakewood Spruce Feel-Real Artificial Christmas Tree

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National Tree 7.5ft Lakewood Spruce Feel-Real (Poly) Artificial Christmas Tree

This 7.5ft Lakewood Spruce would make an impressive focal point for your Christmas festivities when woven with lights & draped with Christmas decorations. Give it some space to show it to its best advantage & pile presents around its base. The mix of PVC & realistic, moulded Feel-Real PE branches will make a lovely backdrop to your Christmas displays & will give continual enjoyment for years to come!

Please check the list at the end of this BLOG to see whether this tree is available to see on display over the Christmas period.

Approximate tree dimensions:

  • Number of Tips: 1660
  • Branch Diameter: 5cm (2")
  • Tree Diameter: 145cm (57")

Life expectancy for this tree is 15 years 

  • Tips - 15 year guarantee

The construction of the trees is amongst the best in the industry, all branches are hand wrapped ensuring that the trees do not lose tips on a regular basis. We will replace any tree that loses more than 3% of its tips. You will lose some tips when you first assemble the tree as the manufacturing process trim down tips and branches and often they can be left loosely attached to the tree. The tree should be given a good shake in the first year so you can identify loose tips from lost tips in future years.

  • Branches - 15 year guarantee

All our branches are secured to the main body of the tree using a manual steel rivet, should any branch become detached from the tree we can send out a replacement rivet that can secure the branch with just a squeeze of the pliers.

Snapped branches can only be the result of negligence or can occur in transit so these are only covered for 12 months.

  • Tree stands - 15 year guarantee

Any tree stand that breaks or twists (which is very rare) will be replaced within this period.

Exceptions - Rust

We will not cover any rust that occurs as this is dependent on the environment in which the tree is stored rather than a manufacturing defect.

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