Four Seasons Terrace Café Hot Drinks

Sample Menu - Hot Drinks

John Farrers & Co (Kendal) Limited are one of the oldest independent coffee roasters in England & have always been dedicated to supplying its customers with the finest quality coffee.

The following selections of speciality coffees are available:

Espresso Doppio - A double shot of traditional short strong black coffee

Americano – A double shoot Espresso added to hot water to produce a regular black coffee

Cappuccino –A double shot Espresso, topped with steamed and frothed milk, finished with either a sprinkling of chocolate or cinnamon

Café Latte – A single or double shot Espresso with steamed milk added to it

Mochaccino – A single/double shot Espresso mixed with chocolate to produce a rich creamy experience, sprinkled with chocolate powder

Cafeteria – Colombian ground coffee. A medium roast, round, smooth and easy drinking

Cafeteria Special – Specially selected coffee, ranging from a medium to a strong coffee which is offered on a monthly basis

Filter Coffee – Restaurant blend of Arabic Coffee, which gives a full strength taste

The following Speciality Teas are available:

Lakeland Special – Specially blended for the Lakeland waters

Earl Grey – Mild China tea flavoured with oil of Bergamot

Assam – High grown in the north of India. This tea is one of the strongest and richest of black teas with an almost malty flavour

Decaffeinated English Breakfast – An invigorating amber coloured tea with a full bodied taste

Green Tea – Sencha leaves are steamed to preserve their delicate, crisp taste and sweet character.

Peppermint – A refreshing infusion with a clean taste.

Camomile - A delicately aromatic infusion with relaxing properties.

Lemon & Ginger – A reviving combination of citrus fruit and spice.

Orange, Mango & Cinnamon – A wonderful combination of sweet fruit flavours and aromatic spice.

Cranberry, Raspberry & Elderflower – A refreshing red berry flavoured infusion with a hint of elderflower.

All drinks are made with either semi or semi skimmed milk. Cream is also available.