A Feast for the Birds

Hi Kids,

The birds need extra food in the winter, especially food that has lots of fat because this helps them keep warm and means that they are fit and healthy at the end of the winter.

You need:

  • Several empty disposable plastic pots, yoghurt pots work well.
  • Some lengths of string about 30cm long.
  • Lard or Suet (not fat from cooking, oil or butter).
  • Chopped Leftovers – stale bread or cake crumbs, crumbs from the bottom of your cereal packet, cheese, bacon rind, cooked rice, dried oats.
  • Bird food – seeds, chopped peanuts, chopped dried fruit, mealworms.

Use twice the weight of dried food than fat. 450g dry food & 225g of fat will fill a small pot.

How to make your feeder:

  • Tie a knot at the bottom of the string & suspend into the pot with the string wrapped round a pencil balanced over the top so that it is central.
  • Carefully melt the lard in a pan then mix in the bird food & crumbs. Ask a grown-up for help.
  • Leave the mixture to cool a little then spoon it into the yoghurt pots keeping the string going through the middle.
  • Alternatively you can miss out the last two steps and cut up your lard and add it to your dried food then mix it in with your hands! The warmth of your hands will melt the lard then you can fill your pots.
  • Put in the fridge or in a cool place to set.
  • Cut off the yoghurt pot or warm the outside of the pot under the hot tap & slip the pot off.
  • Tie your fat ball to a tree or bird feeder for the birds to enjoy.

See which birds prefer eating from your fat feeder.