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Our Hayes employees, have a vast wealth of knowledge, we have several staff with over 50 years experience each of their fields. Plants, planting and landscaping have been our life for almost 200 year. With over 100 staff across the garden centre, our depth of knowledge is vast. We now also have aquarium staff who are able to offer advice in fresh water, tropical and marine fish keeping, ponds, pond plants and water features.

Insider & Business Insider

Insider and Business Insider are well respected websites which cover all aspects of business, life, TV and news and have the largest following of any business website. They featured our ’20 songs of Christmas’ brainteaser in 2019, which was a cartoon image with 20 popular Christmas songs hidden within the picture.

Christmas at Hayes is a special time with Santa’s Grotto and a huge show-stopping display, which attracts customers from all over the country. Santa’s Grotto usually sells out soon after the tickets are released in September and many tourists schedule their winter break to coincide with the opening of the Christmas display. We are one of the largest online retailers of artificial Christmas trees, featuring a huge selection from small 3’ trees for the smallest apartment to giant 18’ commercial trees for shopping centres and hotel foyers. Not only do the trees come in green but also snowy and frosted, which are steadily rising in popularity. The traditional cone shaped tree is waning in popularity as customers want something more random, as you see in a natural forest tree. Sales of pre-lit trees are now outstripping unlit trees as customers appreciate the ease of construction, not to mention the time saved by not having to put lights on and off the tree, and very few of us wrap the lights around something so they don’t end up in a tangle.

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