Christmas 2022

Santa's Grotto 2022


Embark on a journey through Santa's Winter Wonderland and help to search for his missing reindeer; see if you can remember all their names.
Play snowball games with the snowmen along the way and fish for food for the penguins.
Post your ticket and eagerly wait for an elf to take you to the big man himself, don‘t forget to give him all your Christmas wishes.

Ticket prices
Baby 0 - 2 years £15.00
Children 2 - 16 years £20.00
Adults £3.00

Prices include the following-
Entrance to the Winter Wonderland to search for reindeer and play games along the way.
A Visit to Santa for your present and photo opportunity.

Opening Times and Dates
Open 1st November every day to 23rd December
10am to 4-30pm

BOOKING IS ESSENTIAL - Our grotto sells out extremely fast, so please book early!

Special Needs Sessions
We have saved some dates and times when we can turn down the music for a more soothing atmosphere and have carefully selected a more appropriate present.


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