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Kitchen Textiles

The huge rise in popularity of shows such as ‘The Great British Bake Off’ has seen a resurgence in home baking; it can be as easy or as complicated as you want to make it, from no-bake fridge cakes to the fanciest of iced creations. Healthy eating is also to the forefront of many people’s agendas and with the rise in popularity of cookery programmes on TV and the massive amount of cook books available, the kitchen is the place to be. So why not adorn it with some funky textiles to make the whole baking and cooking experience a lot more enjoyable. These Dotty Sheep from Ulster Weavers are the perfect antidote to a grey dreary winters day in the kitchen. Our Kitchenware Department in the store here in the Lake District has a huge array of tempting implements to make life much easier in the kitchen. Try the Paul Hollywood range of quality bakeware and start a fun baking session with your little ones. Cup-cakes are a great way to introduce children to baking, they are easy to make and can be perked up with a number of different flavourings, such as chocolate, lemon, strawberry or coffee and walnut; the fillings can be endless.

Kitchen Textiles


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