Water Features

Here at Hayes Garden World, we offer a wide choice of decorative water features for giving your outdoor space that splash of life it’s always dreamed of.

Designed exclusively by Kelkay along with many other leading brands, all water-infused ornaments are made from durable resin-stone to stay in pristine condition for years to come and our pebble water features are particularly popular with many people.

All pond ornaments, pebble pools, self-contained water features and watercourses are designed to enhance your garden both day and night and increase your enjoyment of your space. Choosing a pebble water feature also adds more texture and colour to your garden, bringing more variety than ever before.

Many water features include built-in lighting to maximise the effect and all are styled to complement your outdoors whether you’ve got a balcony or an acre to play with.

Ornaments & Statues
ornaments & statues
Pebble Pools & Sumps
Pebble Pools & Sumps
Self Contained Features
Self Contained Water Features
Watercourses & Cascades
watercourses & cascades