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Patio Heaters

Creating a comfy outdoor space to chill out and entertain family and friends involves considerable expense so it makes sense to be able to use it for as long as possible; some form of heating enabling you to sit out well into the evening is an absolute essential. There are lots of different styles of outdoor heating from the traditional brazier type which would suit a more traditional garden design to the contemporary minimalist European styling. Some of the outdoor heating appliances combine a heat source with a grill so if space is tight and you just can’t accommodate both a fire and a barbecue then these stylish bits of kit are the ideal solution, although the range of dishes you can cook is more limited than if you were grilling on a Weber or Traeger. Most of the fires burn logs, always use well-seasoned wood, rather than fresh cut, as it burns longer and hotter and you don’t get the spitting sap. The combination stove and grill will take charcoal or briquettes when you are cooking as wood does tend to flare up and burn food, once you have finished cooking then add the logs. We offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £50 to most UK mainland addresses.

Patio Heaters
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Patio Heaters