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Parasols & Parasol Bases

A garden parasol is an absolute essential when enjoying the garden and the crank and tilt designs are some of the most versatile. The parasols are all UV resistant and will shrug off a slight shower but are not completely waterproof. We also recommend that you take them down when the weather turns windy as there is a huge potential for damage to property and people. The parasols come in two distinct styles; free-standing cantilever and those which go through a table. The parasols which go through the table do not require as heavy a base as the cantilever styles as the table will provide some stability. The cantilever types require a heavy base to counter-balance the outstretched canopy. Click here to watch the video explaining how to choose which parasol base is right for your parasol. Can’t decide which is the one for you? Just call our friendly sales team who will be able to help you choose the ideal shade for your situation.

Parasols & Parasol Bases
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Ian Hodgett
Furniture and Barbecue Buyer
Ian has worked for Hayes since leaving school, spending the majority of this time in the outdoor furniture department and like Keith has an in-depth knowledge of Hayes customers. He also has the same ethos at heart when buying garden furniture; will it be an acceptable price and quality? He also takes into account the changing fashions and environmental considerations, such as using recycled materials, being recyclable at the end of its life and is the timber sourced from forests which have a re-planting policy. Ian’s other passion is barbecuing which resulted in Hayes having one of the few Weber Worlds within The Barbecue Shop here in store. The Barbecue Shop has gained a reputation as being one of the best places in north west England to obtain all your BBQ requisites as it stocks everything you need apart from the food. Some of our best sellers are the Angus & Oink and Traeger rubs and sauces which can elevate your food from the ordinary to the absolutely divine. Ian regularly posts on Instagram the results of his grilling labours and it’s not just the usual barbecue fare of bangers and burgers. If you head to the Hayes Garden World Youtube channel you can view almost 200 videos Ian has appeared in with top BBQ chef Richard Holden. These videos show you that there is no limit to the creative dishes you can cook on your BBQ, whether it’s fuelled by gas, charcoal, electric or wood pellets. Almost all the dishes are simple and well within the capabilities of any barbecuer, they range from the Christmas dinner to puddings to vegetarian dishes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The cantilever parasol is our best seller by far as it covers a greater area and is so mobile it can be swivelled and tilted to follow the sun. The downside is that it does need the heaviest base available, but these have wheels for ease of movement. The parasol which goes through the centre of the table only needs a small base as the table acts as ballast however it is fairly limited when it comes to moving around to follow the sun. The wall mounted parasols are versatile in terms of movement and cover a large area however you are restricted to leaving your furniture in the the same spot.
The UV protection offered by parasols can vary from non at all to 98% offered by the very best Swiss parasols from Glatz. If you have children then we recommend the highest UV protection.
All our parasols are guaranteed for at least 12 months with several models carrying a 2 year warranty. The warranty covers any defective materials or construction not damage sustained by leaving the parasol out in adverse weather conditions so always make sure you take it in if winds are forecast.
No, but they do offer some protection against a light shower.

Garden Parasols Buying Guide

Our garden parasols are chosen carefully by our furniture buyers, Keith Laird and Ian Hodgett, who have over 50 years’ experience in the outdoor leisure sector, and travel extensively to source only the very best quality parasols. The parasols are sourced from the most respected suppliers both here in the UK and Europe. Hayes have been trading over 200 years, all the while maintaining the very best standards in the industry, so you can be assured you can buy with complete confidence in the quality of the goods and receive a high professional standard of service. The range of parasols are such that there is sure to be one to suit every taste, budget and situation.

A parasol is an absolute must to enable you to enjoy the sunshine comfortably and safely in your outdoor space, but the question is which one to go for? The questions to ask are; what is your budget, how large an area do you want it to cover, do you need it with a UV rating and finally what colour do you require?

Obviously the lower your budget the more limited the choice so it is always better to spend at the very top of your price range. Our prices are the most competitive in the industry due to our volume of sales, you can spend £50 for the most basic level of shade to over £3,000 for the Rolls Royce of parasols. On a limited budget you may be restricted to the basic models which have limited adjustment and need to go through a table in order to be stable, but the advantage is that they only need a lightweight parasol base. These smaller models are ideal if you have limited outdoor space.

A cantilever parasol suits a large garden and can be adjusted to follow the sun quite easily without having to move the base. They sit at the side of your furniture so the downside is that they need a heavy base to counterbalance the canopy which sits underneath an arm. As these are the most versatile, they are our best-selling parasols. The wall mounted parasols are ideal if ground space is limited and obviously once they are fixed to the wall they are not easily moved so consider carefully before you finally commit to their position. One downside is you will have to leave your garden furniture in a permanent position. Once you have the parasol in the right position, they will swivel from side to side to give you the best possible coverage.

The UV protection offered by parasols can vary from non at all to 98% offered by the very best Swiss parasols from Glatz. If you have children then we recommend the highest UV protection. If there is a wind, we recommend that you take down the parasol and either use a dedicated cover or take it down completely.

If you would like more information, we have a number of blogs to help you decide click the titles to read:

How to choose the correct parasol base for your garden parasol, How to put up and take down an Alexander Rose cantilever parasol and How to have your ideal outdoor space.