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The increase in 'grow your own' has been huge and rapid over the recent years with people realising the benefits of growing their own fruit and vegetables. Home grown vegs are a world away in taste from supermarket produce and as they have zero air miles are great for the planet. Once you've tasted your own tomatoes sun warmed and fresh from the vine you won't want supermarket ones again. Home grown vegetables retain more of their valuable nutrients and vitamins than those which, in many cases, have been picked weeks before they hit the supermarket shelves. The choice of varieties in the supermarket is limited to those which are grown for the size of their yield rather than flavour so growing your own gives you much more choice of varieties, especially when it comes to heirloom varieties. Growing vegs is a great way to get veg hating kids interested in eating them. Growing veg is also one way to get kids outside into the fresh air and a bit of exercise. Click here to read how you can grow vegs in a container if you don't have a garden. If you want to engage your children with gardening click here to read the blog giving you some tips on what to grow with children.


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Solent Wight is a softneck garlic, bred especially for northern climates by the famous garlic farm on The Isle of Wight. It produces large, top quality bulbs full of flavour and exudes a strong, fresh aroma. More Information...