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Grow Your Own

The past few years have seen a huge growth in the ‘Grow your Own’ market as people realise that home grown veg has so much more flavour than those bought in the supermarket. They not only taste fantastic but as you usually pick and cook almost immediately they retain so many more nutrients, minerals and trace elements than those which have spent weeks in transit and storage. Just because you don’t have an allotment doesn’t mean that you can’t have some fresh veg, even an apartment could have space on a windowsill for a tray of salad leaves or a couple of pots of herbs. We have a selection of waist height planters ideal for anyone who suffers from a bad back and also if you only have a small patio. A plant stand can allow you to make the most of limited space by letting you grow plants on several levels. If you like a decorative element to your veg plot why not grow runner beans up an ornamental obelisk positioned on each corner of a veg bed. Also check out the tool ranges we have available online. 

Grow Your Own
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Rhubarb Valentine has proved to be reliable, with high crop yield. Its stalks are red to green at the leaf stalk. Easy to grow without fuss or bother. Rhubarb Valentine is tender and moist when cooked, but remains firm. More Information...
One of the earliest rhubarb varieties which can be ready outside as early as February. It is also suitable for forcing if you want to produce an even earlier crop and will provide you with succulent, red-based pink stems with a delicious flavour. More Information...
Globe artichokes (Cynara scolymus) are large, architectural perennial plants, which are grown for their large edible flower buds and ornamental enough for the flower garden. They can be grown from seed or young plants, are easy to cook and are delicious. More Information...
A brilliant grow your own chillies kit. This Chilli Indoor Starter Kit contains 3 starter pots, compost, instructions and seeds for three different types of chilli. Perfect for kitchen, greenhouse, patio or balcony growing! It would also make a great gift for someone. More Information...
Always have fresh herbs to hand to enhance your Italian cooking adventurers. The Taylor's Bulbs Italian Starter Kit includes Basil, Tomato Maskotka and Oregano seeds - the must have ingredients for many delicious Italian recipes. More Information...
The Indoor Terracotta Herb Trio is the perfect gift for anyone that enjoys gardening or even cooking. This set comes with three 10cm terracotta pots and saucers, compost, growing aid and seeds. The seeds are three different herbs; Basil, Thyme and Oregano. More Information...
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Grow Your Own