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Garden Furniture Treatments

Buying outdoor garden furniture represents a big investment so it makes sense to prolong its life and pristine appearance for as long as possible. Most of the major manufacturers make treatments to help you in this endeavour. There are treatments for almost all the construction materials; various metals, woods and fabric. There are treatments to preserve the original colour of timber and prevent corrosion of steel. The stain treatments prevent the timber from discolouring through spilled drink and food. The stone protector forms a barrier on the table-top, whether it is marble, granite, bluestone or composite, and prevents stains, dirt and moisture damage. The 4 Seasons Outdoor Instant Grey is designed to prematurely age teak to a silvery grey colour, which if left to the normal weathering process would take several years. Teak does not have to be treated it can be left to age naturally but if you want to maintain the rich brown colour then you must treat it within the first year of purchase.

Garden Furniture Treatments
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