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Garden Furniture Covers

Buying quality garden furniture is an investment so it makes sense to look after it. Our huge range of garden furniture covers means you can protect your furniture come rain or shine.

Garden Furniture Covers
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Ian Hodgett
Furniture and Barbecue Buyer
Ian has worked for Hayes since leaving school, spending the majority of this time in the outdoor furniture department and like Keith has an in-depth knowledge of Hayes customers. He also has the same ethos at heart when buying garden furniture; will it be an acceptable price and quality? He also takes into account the changing fashions and environmental considerations, such as using recycled materials, being recyclable at the end of its life and is the timber sourced from forests which have a re-planting policy. Ian’s other passion is barbecuing which resulted in Hayes having one of the few Weber Worlds within The Barbecue Shop here in store. The Barbecue Shop has gained a reputation as being one of the best places in north west England to obtain all your BBQ requisites as it stocks everything you need apart from the food. Some of our best sellers are the Angus & Oink and Traeger rubs and sauces which can elevate your food from the ordinary to the absolutely divine. Ian regularly posts on Instagram the results of his grilling labours and it’s not just the usual barbecue fare of bangers and burgers. If you head to the Hayes Garden World Youtube channel you can view almost 200 videos Ian has appeared in with top BBQ chef Richard Holden. These videos show you that there is no limit to the creative dishes you can cook on your BBQ, whether it’s fuelled by gas, charcoal, electric or wood pellets. Almost all the dishes are simple and well within the capabilities of any barbecuer, they range from the Christmas dinner to puddings to vegetarian dishes.
1 Year Guarantee
The Palma Cube Set – Protective Cover prevents sun damage to your wicker garden furniture and locks out the cold weather during winter months (excluding cushions). The lightweight fabric is easy to pull off and put on when the weather quickly changes. P More Information...

Frequently Asked Questions

You can get away with not covering your garden furniture in light weather conditions. In more extreme weather, such as heavy downpours or high winds, you should cover your furniture to increase the life span. Aluminium frames are rust proof and rattan frames are incredibly hard wearing but soft furnishings like cushions should always be covered to stop mould.
The best cover to buy is a breathable furniture cover. Plastic and synthetic covers can produce moisture which can lead to mould and rot. Many garden furniture brands have covers specifically for the furniture set you are buying, but you can buy any cover as long as it is big enough to fully protect the furniture. Measure your furniture, barbecue or swing chair to ensure you get the right size.
You can keep garden furniture cushions under the cover with the rest of the furniture, or you can buy a separate cushion bag which can be stored indoors or in a shed. You can also buy cushion storage boxes made specifically for garden furniture cushions. They come in a range of sizes so check you get one big enough for your needs.
Garden furniture covers are not completely waterproof. The best covers are breathable and so do let air in. This means they are not totally waterproof and may allow small amounts of moisture to get in. If water is allowed to pool on top of the cover it can start to drip inside. Prop the cover up to form a pyramid shape and this will stop water settling and allow it to run off, reducing the risk of water damage.  
If your garden furniture cover is broken or unusable, you can use a plastic sheet or tarpaulin as an emergency cover. This will stop any water getting in if it is raining and block sunlight in the short term. For long term use though, a dedicated garden furniture cover is the best option.

Hayes Garden Furniture Cover Buying Guide

Although all garden furniture from Hayes is weatherproof and can withstand many conditions, using a garden furniture cover gives an extra layer of protection to make your garden furniture last even longer. Garden furniture covers stop dust and dirt from getting in when furniture is not in use and also prevents bird droppings, fallen leaves or sap from soiling your outdoor furniture. Choosing a high quality breathable cover will also stop condensation and mould from forming.

Many of our manufacturers produce furniture covers specifically for their furniture sets, so they are guaranteed to fit correctly. When choosing a cover, you should consider the size of your furniture as you will need different covers for garden furniture sets, chairs, parasols, swing sets or barbecues. Getting the wrong size will mean your furniture isn't as protected as it should be. 

Furniture covers are especially important for covering cushions. Aluminium and rattan frames will last well in cold and wet weather, but cushions are susceptible to mould and must be protected from the elements. You can buy dedicated cushion bags for your cushions or, of course, store them in a cushion box

A good quality garden furniture cover will be durable and made from breathable fabric. This means they will not be completely waterproof but, if you prop up a broom handle or an upturned bucket in the middle of your furniture, you can create a peak for water to flow down so it doesn’t pool and cause problems. Take a look at our blog for even more tips on caring for outdoor furniture.