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Part of the enjoyment of gardening is growing your own plants and feeling proud of what you have created. When trays, water, plant food and seeds work together to grow your first plants it is an exciting time for any gardener which is why Hayes Garden World stock many propagation tools to make growing your own as easy as possible. When your young seedlings are big enough to head into the planter, make sure they are labelled, have plenty of nutritious compost and are suitably sheltered from the wind. All propagation products have been created by the leading brands in the gardening industry including Bayer, Burgon & Ball, Gardman and many more. Seed germination is more reliable when using a heated propagator, which are available for less then £20. Browse our extensive range of propagation tools below or contact-us if you need help deciding between products. Free delivery to UK mainland destinations on all orders over £50.

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