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House Plant Care

Why keep your gorgeous plants outside when they would look great indoors as well? Hayes Garden World stocks the finest house plant care products to ensure they get the nourishment and nutrients they need to thrive indoors. Whether you are a lover of Orchids, keeper of citrus trees, own cacti or just want shiny leaves, our substantial collection of care products will guarantee the healthiness of your plants. All indoor house plant care products have been created by the leading brands in the gardening industry including Bayer, Chempak, Fito, Vitax, Miracle-Gro and many more.

Browse our extensive range of house plant care products below or contact-us to help decide between them.

House Plant Care




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Vitax Orchid Feed. For use when orchids are in bud or flower. Carefully balanced nutrient levels to promote healthy growth and increased flower formation. More Information...
Chempak Orchid Bloom Formula (250ml).High phosphate and potash liquid fertiliser containing plant foods, magnesium and six trace elements to promote flower formation in all species of orchids. More Information...
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“Snowflake” plant - Nix lanula demitti. It’s long been thought that talking to plants helps them grow. However, with the ‘Snowflake’ plant it’s not just talking that helps - it’s what you say and how you say it.  More Information...
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