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Garden Fertiliser

The success or failure of our garden  and house plants and vegetables depends upon the nutrient value of the soil or compost in the garden or the pot and eventually we will need to apply an application of fertiliser. It is essential that we use the right fertiliser for the particular plants. Rhododendrons, camellias, azaleas and blueberries must have a fertiliser specifically for acid loving plants. Fortunately there are dedicated plant feeds for a lot of our most common garden and house plants, such as; citrus plants, orchids, ericaceous plants, roses, conifers, potatoes etc. Plants grown in a container will need more frequent applications of plant food as the available nutrients are quickly depleted.  If you are not sure which fertilser to use just contact the relevant department and they will be able to help.


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Gro-Sure Vermiculite is ideal for growing from seed and to help both indoor and also outdoor plants. Vermiculite helps to absorb nutrients and prevents them from being washed out. It also releases them to plant roots. More Information...
An outstanding all-purpose fertiliser, Q4 Pelleted Fertiliser is a favourite amongst experienced gardeners and a ‘must have’ product. Originally developed for the commercial grower, Q4 Fertiliser is the trusted choice! More Information...
An organic granular fertiliser specially formulated for onions, garlic, leeks and shallots. Slow released throughout the season. 1kg is sufficient for planting 75 onion sets in a 7.5, (25ft) row. More Information...
A specially formulated granular fertiliser with essential nutrients for growing potatoes. Slowly released throughout the season to give tastier and increased yields of quality potatoes. Can also be used as a general fert More Information...
Vitax Acer Feed contains the three major plant foods - nitrogen, phosphate and potash, together with natural magnesium and trace elements to encourage healthy leaf growth and vibrant colours. More Information...
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