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Bird Feeders & Bird Stations

It is important to keep our local wildlife well fed and suitably nourished throughout all months of the year. To help you care for wild birds, Hayes Garden World has a good choice of different bird feeders in stock to complement your garden perfectly. Bird stations are ideal if you limited for places to hang your feeders. Whichever food your local birds prefer, we stock seed feeders, peanut feeders and squirrel-proof feeders to suit all appetites and garden decorations. Plus, our bird feeder range has been brought to you from leading bird care brand Gardman so quality is guaranteed. Browse our choice of bird feeders below or contact-us if you need help choosing between them. Visit the store here in Ambleside and choose from our vast range of bird and wild life food, feeders, homes, bird tables and so much more. Free delivery online on all orders over £50 to UK mainland.


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The urban garden range consists of seed, peanut, nyjer, fat ball, sunflower heart and suet block feeders in sleek black finish. Their quick release lids enable easy filling and re-filling and a quick twist release base allows for efficient cleaning. More Information...
The Peckish 3 Port Seed & Nyjer Feeder has a new and improved smaller tray, easy for small birds to perch. It comes with interchangeable ports for seed and nyjer. Hang the 3 port feeder from a tree, alternatively from a dinning station. More Information...