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Bird Care & Bird Food

Don’t forget to pamper your feathered friends especially in winter. We stock several bird feed blends to attract them into your garden; blue tits are especially welcome as they will eat aphids and blackfly without you having to spend on chemical insecticides. Other species will pick off caterpillars and slugs giving your plants the best chance to thrive. There are a variety of feeders to suit any outdoor space from a single feeder which would easily hang off a hook in the wall or stick to the window to the Deluxe Feeding Station which allows you to feed all the different seed blends, peanuts, fat balls and fruit as well as providing a water dish. Remember to position any feeders well away from any shrubs from which a cat could pounce. If squirrels always nab the food before the birds buy a feeder with a baffle or one which is surrounded by a squirrel-proof cage. As the numbers of our garden birds continue to be perilous it is more important than ever to provide them with a lifeline. We offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders in excess of £50 to most mainland UK addresses.

Bird Care & Bird Food
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Loved by wild birds, Gardman No Mess Seed Mix is a blend of oats and wheat with oil rich, high energy sunflower hearts and peanut bites. It contains all edible ingredients and is packed with the very best seeds with no husk, meaning no waste. This mix is More Information...
Johnston & Jeff Premium Peanuts are superior peanut from the Spanish type varieties that are grown for their higher oil content. They are usually chosen from Indian Java, Chinese Hsuji 60/70, South African natals or Brazilian Lightskins. More Information...
The Peckish 3 Port Seed & Nyjer Feeder has a new and improved smaller tray, easy for small birds to perch. It comes with interchangeable ports for seed and nyjer. Hang the 3 port feeder from a tree, alternatively from a dinning station. More Information...
The urban garden range consists of seed, peanut, nyjer, fat ball, sunflower heart and suet block feeders in sleek black finish. Their quick release lids enable easy filling and re-filling and a quick twist release base allows for efficient cleaning. More Information...
Gardman fat snax is made from high energy suet with added nuts and cereal. They do not contain outer nuts which means there is nothing to dispose when they have finished eating the ball. This helps to support the welfare of birds. More Information...
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