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Ooni Wood-Fired Ovens

The Ooni wood fired pizza oven burns wood pellets and is able to reach a temperature of 500C in just 10 minutes. It is light and portable so ideal for taking on a picnic to the beach, just take ready made dough balls and a selection of toppings for super-fresh pizza. Ooni have thrown down the gauntlet with a 60 Second Pizza challenge; watch the video on our Youtube channel and see if you can do as well. The Ooni is not only for pizzas but can be used to bake fresh bread rolls, steaks, fish and vegetables. In The Barbecue Shop here in the store in Ambleside we also stock a gas converter kit if you prefer not to use the wood pellets, which incidentally, burn cleanly and don’t produce a huge amount of residue. But if you are using the Ooni on an outing and are concerned about disposing of hot ashes then the gas kit is the way foreward. The Ooni makes a perfect gift for the barbecuer in the family, ideal to run alongside the traditional barbecue. If you are a serious pizza aficionado and want a larger capacity pizza oven take a look at our Alfa range which feature quality manufacture with stylish Italian design.

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