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Garden Furniture Treatments

Buying outdoor garden furniture represents a big investment so it makes sense to prolong its life and pristine appearance for as long as possible. Most of the major manufacturers make treatments to help you in this endeavour. There are treatments for almost all the construction materials; various metals, woods and fabric. There are treatments to preserve the original colour of timber and prevent corrosion of steel. The stain treatments prevent the timber from discolouring through spilled drink and food. The stone protector forms a barrier on the table-top, whether it is marble, granite, bluestone or composite, and prevents stains, dirt and moisture damage. The 4 Seasons Outdoor Instant Grey is designed to prematurely age teak to a silvery grey colour, which if left to the normal weathering process would take several years. Teak does not have to be treated it can be left to age naturally but if you want to maintain the rich brown colour then you must treat it within the first year of purchase.

Garden Furniture Treatments
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Ian Hodgett
Furniture and Barbecue Buyer
Ian has worked for Hayes since leaving school, spending the majority of this time in the outdoor furniture department and like Keith has an in-depth knowledge of Hayes customers. He also has the same ethos at heart when buying garden furniture; will it be an acceptable price and quality? He also takes into account the changing fashions and environmental considerations, such as using recycled materials, being recyclable at the end of its life and is the timber sourced from forests which have a re-planting policy. Ian’s other passion is barbecuing which resulted in Hayes having one of the few Weber Worlds within The Barbecue Shop here in store. The Barbecue Shop has gained a reputation as being one of the best places in north west England to obtain all your BBQ requisites as it stocks everything you need apart from the food. Some of our best sellers are the Angus & Oink and Traeger rubs and sauces which can elevate your food from the ordinary to the absolutely divine. Ian regularly posts on Instagram the results of his grilling labours and it’s not just the usual barbecue fare of bangers and burgers. If you head to the Hayes Garden World Youtube channel you can view almost 200 videos Ian has appeared in with top BBQ chef Richard Holden. These videos show you that there is no limit to the creative dishes you can cook on your BBQ, whether it’s fuelled by gas, charcoal, electric or wood pellets. Almost all the dishes are simple and well within the capabilities of any barbecuer, they range from the Christmas dinner to puddings to vegetarian dishes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by our expert 'Ian Hodgett'
Strictly speaking your garden furniture will last a substantial amount of time without the treatment, however you have made a large investment in your furniture so it makes sense to keep it looking good for as long as possible.
Yes, the resin weave outdoor furniture sets require no maintenance whatsoever apart from brushing off a winters worth of detritus and a wipe down in spring. They are also extremely versatile, fitting into both a modern chic outdoor living space and a classic English garden style.

Buyers guide to furniture treatments All the garden furniture featured on the Hayes website is fully waterproof and can be left outside all year round however, caring for your outdoor furniture can ensure it lasts a little longer. Wooden furniture will remain pristine for a lot longer if it is kept treated every 2 - 3 years, if left untreated it will weather down to a silvery grey. Covers are available for the majority of our garden furniture if you want to ensure your furniture comes through the winter as pristine as possible, putting an upturned bucked on top of the table will make sure the water doesn't pool on the table top. covers are essential if your furniture is positioned underneath the birds flightpath or underneath trees where sap could mark the timber or leave sticky marks.