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Along with a bbq, a chiminea is a must-have for entertaining. Low maintenance and easy to use, our great range of chimineas mean you can spend even longer outdoors.

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Ian Hodgett
Furniture and Barbecue Buyer
Ian has worked for Hayes since leaving school, spending the majority of this time in the outdoor furniture department and like Keith has an in-depth knowledge of Hayes customers. He also has the same ethos at heart when buying garden furniture; will it be an acceptable price and quality? He also takes into account the changing fashions and environmental considerations, such as using recycled materials, being recyclable at the end of its life and is the timber sourced from forests which have a re-planting policy. Ian’s other passion is barbecuing which resulted in Hayes having one of the few Weber Worlds within The Barbecue Shop here in store. The Barbecue Shop has gained a reputation as being one of the best places in north west England to obtain all your BBQ requisites as it stocks everything you need apart from the food. Some of our best sellers are the Angus & Oink and Traeger rubs and sauces which can elevate your food from the ordinary to the absolutely divine. Ian regularly posts on Instagram the results of his grilling labours and it’s not just the usual barbecue fare of bangers and burgers. If you head to the Hayes Garden World Youtube channel you can view almost 200 videos Ian has appeared in with top BBQ chef Richard Holden. These videos show you that there is no limit to the creative dishes you can cook on your BBQ, whether it’s fuelled by gas, charcoal, electric or wood pellets. Almost all the dishes are simple and well within the capabilities of any barbecuer, they range from the Christmas dinner to puddings to vegetarian dishes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by our expert 'Keith Laird'
Chimineas are made from a mix of metals, usually steel and cast iron. The body of a chiminea is often made of steel and the legs are produced using cast iron. Traditionally, chimineas have been made from clay, but clay can crack under the heat. More modern chimineas, made from steel or cast iron, can withstand the extreme temperatures much better.
With metal chimineas you can choose whether to burn wood or coal. Hardwoods are often a good choice as they burn without creating too many sparks. If you are using your chiminea to cook, then charcoal would work well as it spreads heat evenly. Don’t burn rubbish, old cardboard or any wood that has been treated as this can be dangerous. Treated wood may produce toxins when burnt and burning rubbish can result in an out-of-control fire.
Rust is completely natural and to be expected when you own and use a chiminea. It can actually add to the overall look and your chiminea will still be completely safe to use. Rust can be gently brushed off with a wire brush if you want to clean your chiminea.
Fire pits are larger than chimineas. They are usually round and open, taking up more space than a chiminea. You are able to burn larger pieces of wood in a fire pit but the heat is not always distributed evenly. Chimineas, by design, allow smoke to exit upwards and are a concentrated heat source that heat one area very well. Chimineas are good for smaller gardens and groups whereas fire pits are ideal for large areas and big groups of people.
A chiminea can go on a variety of surfaces, including concrete, stone and tiles. You can also buy fire pit pads to place under your chiminea and protect the surface. You should not place your chiminea on decking as it poses a fire risk. This is for both wooden and composite decking.

Hayes Buying Guide to Chimineas

A quality chiminea will extend the use of your garden, allowing you to stay outdoors for longer without feeling the chill. You can also use them in typically colder months, meaning you can enjoy your garden for more of the year. Position your chiminea next to your modular furniture set or a cosy sofa to heat your outdoor space. You could even cook sausages and toast marshmallows when entertaining.

Our range of chimineas from leading manufacturers are made from either steel or cast iron, or a mix of both. Both metals are ideal for chimineas and will rust into an attractive rustic finish. You can use them with wood or charcoal and should place them on a safe surface like concrete or sand. If safety is a particular concern, you may wish to look at a fire pit table instead.

There are all several styles and sizes of chiminea available depending on how big your garden is and which look you prefer. Simple styles, like the traditional round chimineas, suit a classic country garden. Modern and minimalist spaces will work better with square or pyramid shapes for a more contemporary look and feel. You will often find the round styles have a grill on the front for added safety, while the tall stove versions feature log stores underneath for ultimate convenience.

Our chimineas are made by leading brands and offer the best quality. They also come with a 12 month warranty for added peace of mind and are very low maintenance. Rust is to be expected and can simply be brushed off with a wire brush. If you ever want to touch up or restore the original look of your chiminea, you can use any heat resistant paint to do so. With proper care and maintenance, cast iron chimineas could last up to 20 years.