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Small Christmas Trees

We would all love a huge richly decorated artificial Christmas tree with the ‘wow’ factor but in reality most people nowadays just don’t have the space so have to make do with a small tree either on a table or the windowsill. This doesn’t mean that you have to compromise on quality as our small trees are constructed to the same high standards as their larger counterpart. These are also available either unlit, for you to personalise with your own lights, or pre-lit with warm white LEDs; most are battery operated so they can be sited away from the mains power. As the lights are LED they are low voltage and cool to touch making these trees ideal for a child’s bedroom, just add some shatterproof baubles and you have a tree to delight. Some are available ready decorated with cones and berries so only require the minimum of decorations. If a winter wonderland is your dream opt for one of the frosted or flocked versions and decorate in a cool palette. Although these trees are small in size they can still make an impact.

Small Christmas Trees
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Caroline Young
Christmas Buyer and Merchandiser
Caroline has been with the company for around 2 decades and as a trained florist is responsible for the inspirational displays around the store. She worked for several years in the Gift department and eventually became the chief buyer. She naturally progressed to be a buyer for the Christmas department, and along with Clara, travels extensively across the UK and Europe sourcing the finest quality decorations, lighting and trees. The stunning Christmas displays are all the inspiration and sheer hard work of Caroline. Our Christmas department takes a huge amount of work and needs to inspire our customers to try different colour combinations; often ones which may not immediately spring to mind. We also have to bear in mind that a lot of our customers associate the traditional red and gold with Christmas and don’t like to step out of the familiar, whereas the younger sector are more style driven when it comes to decorating their home for Christmas, often having a decorated tree in every room in the house.

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Not everyone has the space for a full size Christmas tree but you don’t have to compromise on quality. Small is definitely beautiful when it comes to Hayes artificial Christmas trees; they are exactly the same high quality as the larger versions so you can be assured they will last you many years; click here to read the Hayes artificial Christmas tree warranty. Our experienced Christmas buyers Clara and Caroline both spend many hours choosing only those trees which they know our customers are going to love and are of a sufficiently high quality.  

Why choose a small artificial Christmas tree?

A lot of us now live in apartments and cottages with restricted space and simply don’t have the floor space to have a floor to ceiling artificial Christmas tree. Our small Christmas trees can be placed on a table or on the windowsill. Many of our small trees come either in a pot or a burlap sack; the potted trees only need to be placed into another decorative pot or have some Christmas fabric drapes around the base. The base of the trees in a burlap sack doesn’t need disguising as this perfectly complements a natural woodland palette of colours. If floor space is restricted and you don’t want a small tree we have a large range of slim and pencil artificial Christmas trees which can easily stand behind the sofa in a corner or form a frame to a doorway.

Do I need a pre-lit pre-decorated small tree?

These small artificial Christmas trees which come ready decorated and lit are a fantastic choice if you are no good at colour co-ordinating the tree decorations and love the natural look. The Wintry Pine tree comes with cones, holly berries and snow tipped branches so really needs no more decoration. If you do want to add some more adornments just go for a multi pack of colour co-ordinated baubles. Click here to read the blog giving you tips on how to choose the colours for your decorations.  

Are the small trees available pre-lit?

The pre-lit small trees are available lit with LEDs in warm white and come either as mains or battery operated. The battery-operated trees are ideal if you want to place the tree in a position where a trailing cable could be dangerous. The pre-lit artificial trees are incredibly economical to run as the LEDs are low voltage. They are cool to touch so very safe if you have small children in the house. They last an average of 50,000 hours and have replaceable bulbs which we will replace for the life of the tree.