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Christmas Wreaths & Garlands

Christmas wreaths are not only for the front door they can also form the basis of a stunning table centrepiece; just add some candles and baubles. The decorated wreaths feature cones, berries, fruit and floral sprays, are available either plain green or frosted, and need nothing else adding. The plain green wreaths allow you to dress them in your own colours to match your tree decorations. Wreaths are available either unlit or pre-lit with warm white LEDs. If you want to light your own wreaths and garlands check out our range of Christmas lights available on line, many are battery operated, ideal for lighting that spot away from mains power. Garlands are really versatile, they can be wound around bannisters, over doorways, along the mantelpiece, along sideboards or turned into a stunning centre-piece for the dining table. As with the wreaths they are available either plain green or frosted and decorated with cones, fruit, berries and floral sprays and either lighted with warm white LEDs or unlit. Many of the wreaths and garlands are available in the same style as the artificial Christmas trees, so if you want your Christmas decorations co-ordinated just head to the tree pages and match your tree to your wreaths and garlands.


Christmas Wreaths & Garlands
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Caroline Young
Christmas Buyer and Merchandiser
Caroline has been with the company for around 2 decades and as a trained florist is responsible for the inspirational displays around the store. She worked for several years in the Gift department and eventually became the chief buyer. She naturally progressed to be a buyer for the Christmas department, and along with Clara, travels extensively across the UK and Europe sourcing the finest quality decorations, lighting and trees. The stunning Christmas displays are all the inspiration and sheer hard work of Caroline. Our Christmas department takes a huge amount of work and needs to inspire our customers to try different colour combinations; often ones which may not immediately spring to mind. We also have to bear in mind that a lot of our customers associate the traditional red and gold with Christmas and don’t like to step out of the familiar, whereas the younger sector are more style driven when it comes to decorating their home for Christmas, often having a decorated tree in every room in the house.

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Bring your artificial tree to life with the real scent of Christmas. Simply hang these decorations from your tree and your home will be filled with the magical scents of Christmas time. More Information...
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Frequently Asked Questions

Garlands come in masses of colours and forms so are one of the most versatile Christmas decorative items. Slender garlands can be draped over pictures or intertwined with a plain green garland to add some interest before adding lights and decorations. A decorated lighted garland can transform the Christmas dining table, add toning napkins and placemats. Lighted decorated Christmas garlands also look stunning wound around the stair spindles, along the mantlepiece, along a sideboard or over a doorway.
First thing to add is a set of battery-operated Christmas lights then you can add almost anything you can think of. If you like the natural look and are on a budget spray some cones and architectural dried flower heads from the garden. Hydrangeas, Oriental poppies and teasels look particularly effective sprayed with an antique gold or bronze, just mix with some twigs and sprays of berries. If using a garland on the Christmas dining table you can add candles to the natural vegetation to add height and interest. Packs of shatterproof baubles are relatively inexpensive and look fantastic when just used on their own. There are masses of decorative items you can use on the Christmas garland; baubles, hanging tree decorations, florals, Christmas ornaments, ribbon and fabric bows.
Wreaths are traditionally hung on the front door to symbolise the circle of life but can also be used on an interior wall or on a round dining table as a centrepiece. A quick simple centrepiece can be achieved just by adding a set of battery-operated Christmas lights and filling the centre with cones sprayed in antique gold and adding three different sized church candles. Don’t forget that if you are using an artificial Christmas wreath on the front door many are not waterproof, particularly if they are lighted, so if it does get the rain you may have to change the decorations every year.    

Buyers guide to artificial Christmas wreaths and garlands 

Christmas is a time for opulence and over the top decorations, not only do we decorate our trees but also our front doors, dining table, around pictures, over doorways and around bannisters. Wreaths and garlands can be as simple or as over-embellished as you like. We have plain Christmas garlands and wreaths for you to decorate yourself and ready decorated versions which just need dressing out to their full potential. Clara and Caroline our Christmas buyers have scoured the very best suppliers to bring you a good variety of styles. Many of our wreaths and garlands come pre-lit and pre-decorated so you don’t need to add anything else, just dress them out so they look fabulous. If you need help choosing the colours for your wreath and garland just click here. The standard of construction and materials is exactly the same as our artificial Christmas trees with many of the wreaths and garlands featuring the Feel-Real branches which are moulded on real fir trees and actually do have that waxy conifer needle feel.

Decorating your home is not just about the artificial Christmas tree, artificial wreaths and garlands are so versatile. Wreaths are not just for hanging on the door, place on the sideboard with a bowl of fruit in the centre. They are also an easy decorative touch for a circular dinner table especially if you opt for a pre-lit decorated wreath; just pile glass baubles in the centre or a cluster of 3 or 5 church candles of differing heights, remember to place them onto a heat-proof plate if you intend to light them. Just buying a plain pre-lit wreath can give you the opportunity to personalise it with your own ornaments. All our pre-lit artificial wreaths feature battery-operated LED lights which should last approximately 50,000 hours. LEDs are extremely energy efficient so won’t run through masses of batteries, investing in the best batteries available will ensure that they last throughout the festive season. Our wreaths are not weatherproof so if you are placing them on the door ensure that they are protected by a porch or canopy. A garland can be a great substitute for an artificial Christmas tree if you have very little floor space. If you simply have to have a decorated Christmas tree and don’t have the space for a full-sized tree, consider a slim or pencil tree instead, they can still look fabulous. Garlands can be draped over pictures or doorways, laid along the mantlepiece, down the dining table, along a sideboard or wound round the bannister, just remember to wind it around the spindles not the handrail. Garlands come ready decorated and pre-lit if you don’t have the time to adorn your own. Click here to see how you can easily make a stunning decoration for your Christmas dining table. In vogue for the past couple of years are the frosted and snowy artificial Christmas trees, wreaths and garlands. They are the absolute epitome of a cold Arctic winter scene with the snow effect doing some of the work for you. You can get away with minimal decoration, just add some cool white LEDs or snowball lights and a couple of different coloured baubles in several sizes. Snowy and frosted garlands can easily be made to look fabulous on a budget by foraging in the garden for sculptural flower or seed heads then spraying them antique gold or bronze. Click here to watch the video and read the blog showing how you can easily make a table arrangement on a budget.