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9ft Christmas Trees

A 9ft Christmas tree is a grand and stunning sight that truly makes a magnificent statement. Positioned in a hallway or entrance space, a 9ft Christmas tree will surely make guests gasp and, when decorated with lights and tree ornaments, it really will bring the magic of Christmas into your home.

9ft Christmas Trees
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Celebrate Christmas with our 9ft Decorators Artificial Christmas Tree. This artificial PVC Christmas Tree is constructed with hinged branches for easy assembly & would fit well in a large hotel foyer or business premises where its green needles would make a superb foil for your Christmas decorations. More Information...

9ft Christmas Trees Buying Guide

If you’re considering a 9ft artificial Christmas tree then it’s likely that you have a large space to fill and can make the most of an extra large tree. 9ft trees are most commonly placed in large reception rooms or entrance hallways. We also find they are very popular with boutique hotels and stylish event spaces as 9ft christmas trees make a bold statement without being overwhelming.

Choosing a 9ft artificial Christmas tree means you have all the ease and convenience of a fake tree, with no pine needles to tidy up. All of our artificial trees are easy to assemble and put away with memory branches that easily fall back into place year after year. You can find advice on making your artificial tree look full and sumptuous in our guide to setting up and dressing an artificial tree.

You can buy our extra large 9ft or 10ft trees pre-lit or with bare branches. Pre-lit trees have lights already positioned all over the tree so you needn’t worry about getting the right amount of lights for such a large tree. Of course, you can always add more Christmas lights for extra sparkle. The bulbs in our pre-lit trees are energy saving LEDs and are fully replaceable for added peace of mind.

All of our artificial christmas trees also come with a 10 year guarantee, so you can rest assured that when you invest in a 9ft christmas tree, it will last for many Christmasses to come and continue to be a decadent and beautiful feature in your home or commercial setting.