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15ft Christmas Trees

The 15’ Dunhill Fir artificial Christmas tree is a truly impressive sight and being a full PVC tree it represents fantastic value for money. It can make an arresting sight placed in an hotel foyer decked with plenty of lights and large baubles. A tree this size needs large baubles as smaller ones do not register and look messy; to get round the problem of not having enough large baubles just wire several smaller ones together to create a large mass of colour. Go for shiny baubles as in a large space, matt ones just don’t show up enough. As well as large shatterproof baubles you could use large bows or animal heads. Putting lights on a tree this size as you would a smaller tree, winding them to the back of each branch, is totally unpractical so just wind them around the outside. If this appears to be too tall we do stock a selection of 9’ and 12’ trees. Please call our knowledgeable sales team if you would like any help choosing the right tree. Don't forget we offer FREE DELIVERY on all orders over £50 to the majority of UK addresses.

15ft Christmas Trees
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