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6ft - 6.5ft Christmas Trees

Our range of 6ft Christmas Trees are the perfect size for most living rooms, leaving enough room for a star or angel. They are stunningly realistic, featuring FeelReal​© tips. Choose from traditional spruce trees, pre-lit trees, and pre-decorated snowy trees. Every tree comes with a 5 year guarantee for your peace of mind.


6ft - 6.5ft Christmas Trees
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  • Pre-order to secure your beautiful Christmas Tree
  • Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot
  • Lifetime guarantee on Christmas trees


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Clara Penhallurick
Christmas and Gifts Buyer
Clara has worked at Hayes Garden World for about 20 years and has risen to head Gift and Christmas buyer. Having worked in the Christmas department since joining Hayes she has an in depth knowledge of the requirements and likes of our customers. She has a particular love for Christmas spending many hours designing our spectacular displays. She keeps up to date with all the latest technology and current fashions. Our major suppliers all subscribe to the European design organisations who decide the colours for that season. Many of our customers like keeping to trending styles with various themed Christmas trees in all rooms of the house. Colours which would not sell a couple of years previously are now suddenly best sellers. The way to prevent you completely changing all your decorations every year, and saving a fortune, is to buy the majority of decorations in one colour and just change a few accent colours. Co-ordinating colours are Clara’s strength as you can tell from the beautifully harmonious displays in the Gift department.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answered by our expert 'Keith Laird'
At Hayes Garden World, we only stock the highest-quality artificial trees, all with ‘Feel-Real’ tips that look and feel amazingly realistic. The tips are made in a mould taken from real fir trees so are truly life-like. Our premium trees are a mixture of PE and PVC, which the PVC hidden in the centre of the tree. Once decorated, there is no way to tell it is artificial!    
A 6 Foot Christmas tree is the perfect height for a room with an average or lower ceiling. A tree that is too wide or tall may make your room look smaller, so bear that in mind when deciding on a height.    
We recommend leaving at least 6” between the top of your tree and the ceiling for a tree topper. So for example, if your floor to ceiling measurement is 7 foot, then a 6.5ft tree would be perfect.    
Our pre-lit 6ft trees come with 600 LED lights on a full tree and we would recommend at least 400 if you are decorating your Christmas tree yourself. Also, you can always layer lights on top of a pre-lit tree. For a full width 6ft Christmas tree, you might then add up to 100 small baubles. But, lights and decorations are all ultimately down to personal preference.   
We stock 6ft artificial trees in a variety of widths to match your room, ranging from our thinnest pencil tree at 69cm to our fullest 6ft tree at 142cm. It’s important to allocate a specific area for your Christmas tree and measure the width of that space beforehand so your room does not look overcrowded. For smaller rooms with less space, we would recommend one of our 6ft pencil or slim Christmas trees.  

6ft - 6.5ft Christmas Tree Buyers Guide

6ft Christmas trees are the most popular with Hayes customers, because they are the ideal height for the average-sized living room. Choose from slim 6ft trees, or fuller-bodied spruces depending on your taste and dedicated space. Dimension details can be found within the product descriptions of each individual tree. 

Our 6ft artificial trees are a stunning focal point, and so realistic that they are often mistaken for real trees! They use FeelReal technology for their branches, which are moulded from real fir trees. An artificial Christmas tree has a longer lifespan, making it cost-efficient and kinder for the environment.

How about purchasing a Pre-Lit 6ft tree - a convenient and safe choice for a bustling home with children. Our pre-lit trees use LEDs which cost a small amount to run and are low voltage, so cool to the touch. They also save you the hassle of untangling heaps of fairy lights!

We stock a varied range of looks and colours of Christmas Trees. Whether a snowy, pre-decorated tree is more up your street, or a forest green weeping tree is your desired look - the choice is yours.

All our 6ft Christmas trees come with a guarantee of 5 years for the tree and stand. For extra protection, store your tree safely in one of our Christmas tree storage bags to protect those tips and branches.