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6.5ft Christmas Trees

The range of 6.5’ trees is enormous, do you want traditional green or fancy a frosted or snowy tree for a change? Once you have decided on colour the next question is how wide a base can you accommodate? A lot of modern homes cannot fit in a large wide tree so this can be got around by a slim or pencil tree; the pencil being ultra-slim. Most of the trees are available either pre-lit with LED lights or unlit for you to personalise with your own lights. Click here to watch the video and read the blog showing you how to put lights onto your Christmas tree. They also come in the budget-friendly full traditional PVC material, part PVC and PE (polyethylene) or full PE, which are the most expensive but barely distinguishable from the real thing. Some also come with a certain amount of decoration, which generally consists of natural materials such as cones, sprays of berries and holly leaves. These trees lend themselves to a natural or traditional palette of décor. If you want to check out the trees in person we will have a selection on the shop floor in store here at Ambleside from about the middle of October, but please note that not all the trees on the internet are available in store so if you wish to view a particular tree phone the store to see if they have it on display.

6.5ft Christmas Trees
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6.5ft Christmas Trees







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