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5ft - 5.5ft Christmas Trees

Our 5ft artificial Christmas trees have feel-real branches and over 1500 tips for a truly authentic look and feel. 5ft Christmas trees can be the perfect compromise for those with slightly less space who still want all of the magic and decadence of a good-sized tree. Decorate with lights for that all-important sparkle and adorn your tree with beautiful baubles to bring it to life. Add height by standing it on a box covered in Chrismassy fabric and surround with wrapped parcels to add to the illusion. If you opt for a pre-lit artificial tree they come with LED lights which should last about 10,000 hours and are replaceable. Hayes will supply spares free of charge for the lifetime of the tree, approximately 15 years. As a bonus these lights are low voltage and cool to touch, essential if you have small children in the house. They are budget friendly, costing less than a pound over the whole of the festive period. Frosty and snowy trees are right on trend and can look spectacular, click here to see what you can do with one of these trees. If space is tight check out our range of slim and pencil trees, perfect for the hallway, landing or popping in a corner behind the sofa.

5ft - 5.5ft Christmas Trees
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Clara Penhallurick
Christmas and Gifts Buyer
Clara has worked at Hayes Garden World for about 20 years and has risen to head Gift and Christmas buyer. Having worked in the Christmas department since joining Hayes she has an in depth knowledge of the requirements and likes of our customers. She has a particular love for Christmas spending many hours designing our spectacular displays. She keeps up to date with all the latest technology and current fashions. Our major suppliers all subscribe to the European design organisations who decide the colours for that season. Many of our customers like keeping to trending styles with various themed Christmas trees in all rooms of the house. Colours which would not sell a couple of years previously are now suddenly best sellers. The way to prevent you completely changing all your decorations every year, and saving a fortune, is to buy the majority of decorations in one colour and just change a few accent colours. Co-ordinating colours are Clara’s strength as you can tell from the beautifully harmonious displays in the Gift department.

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Yes, these smaller trees have just as many tips in proportion to the large more impressive trees. We only source our artificial Christmas trees from the very best suppliers so you can be assured that you are buying the very best on the market. All our artificial Christmas trees carry a 5 year warranty, covering defective manufacture or parts.  
Our Customer Services team are on hand during normal office hours to answer any questions you may have, phone number at the top of the website, or you can fill out the Contact Us form.
Yes, they are exactly the same tree but you don't have all the stress of putting on strings of lights, we have done all the work for you leaving you more time to enjoy the company of family and friends. Our pre-lit Christmas trees have an enormous number of lights, approximately 100 lights per foot of tree, to put a sparkle into your decorations. To personalise your tree consider putting a string of coloured lights in the centre of the tree to tone in with your decor; blue if you are going for a cool Scandi palette, red or gold if you have a traditional tree or amber if you have a woodland colour scheme. 
The vast majority of our pre-lit trees feature low voltage LED lights which only cost a couple of pounds to run over the whole of the festive period. These lights are cool to the touch so ideal if you want to decorate a child's bedroom. They should last approximately 10,000 hours which is well over 1,000 days more than enough to cover the life of the tree.

5ft Christmas Trees Buying Guide

Artificial Christmas trees from Hayes Garden World are the best quality of christmas tree available. Our 5ft artificial Christmas trees are no exception. Their full clusters of branches have been created using PE & PVC branches with a real-life quality that makes them look just like the real thing. Though a 5ft tree is not the tallest tree we have available, their full body means they are still a stunning focal point when decorated.

We find many of our customers choose a 5ft christmas tree as it can fit snugly into a corner or an alcove, or in front of a bay window. Many people like to use 5ft trees in their conservatory too and they can be an ideal second tree in larger homes or event spaces. The branches on our 5ft trees can be easily folded away and packed neatly, making storage less of an issue. 

When choosing your 5ft Christmas tree, you can opt for a plain green tree or a pre-lit tree. With a plain tree, you are able to add your own lights and choose as many or as few as you would like. You can then choose whichever style of Christmas decor you prefer, from cool whites and silvers to more rustic-inspired decorations. A pre-lit tree is a little more convenient as the lights are already in the perfect position. A typical 5ft artificial Christmas tree will have around 300 lights on it. You may wish to add more for some extra sparkle too.