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Jacobi Jayne & Company

Jacobi Jayne & Company, a trusted birdcare brand, has gained extensive wisdom and expertise over the years. They curate an exceptional collection of feeders, foods, nest boxes, and accessories by scouring the globe. When they cannot find the perfect product, they take pride in creating it themselves at their Kent countryside headquarters.

As a home to renowned birdcare names from both sides of the Atlantic, Jacobi Jayne & Company offers legendary American feeders from Droll Yankees® and Canada's 2 million-selling Squirrel Buster® range. Serving as the UK distributor for Schwegler, a global leader in designing nest boxes for birds and wildlife, they offer over 70 exceptional options.

With a genuine passion for birdcare, Jacobi Jayne & Company is dedicated to providing customers with expert advice, catering to gardens of any size. Ordering is effortless through their online platform, email, or phone, ensuring a friendly and personalized service that they have delivered for 30 years. Their Lifetime Guarantee and Forever New™ parts replacement service demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction.

Jacobi Jayne & Company's ultimate mission is to bring customers closer to nature by offering superior foods, feeders, and nest boxes. With their expertise and passion, they make bird feeding an enriching and rewarding experience for all.


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