How To Set Up And Dress Out An Artificial Christmas Tree

How To Set Up And Dress Out An Artificial Christmas Tree

Follow our guide to achieve the perfect bushy artificial Christmas tree

To get your artificial Christmas tree looking its absolute best it needs all the branches to be pulled up and any gaps covered, and there is an art to this. The tree comes packed in a box so a lot of the branches are lying flat against the main wire and can easily be missed if you’re not methodical about how you dress it out. The tree we are using in the video is our budget Keswick Spruce 7' unlit tree. First of all locate the stand and form it into an X shape but don’t put in the screw. Take the bottom section of tree, this is usually the largest piece and the bottom of the pole will be tapered. Place the tapered end into the stand and tighten up the screw. Don’t put all the tree sections together at once as it is much easier to dress out each section individually.


Drop down all the branches of the bottom section and starting from the bottom of the tree and the back of the branch start to pull the branches upwards and outwards. Work round the bottom layer of branches then move up to the second layer and so on until all the branches are bushy. Place the middle section of tree into the bottom section and dress out the branches just as you did for the bottom layer.

Once the middle section has been done start on the top section. If you have a tall tree it is much easier to dress out the branches before you put it into place. The top section closely resembles a real tree so you will find that the top 20 – 30cm (8 – 12”) is quite sparse. Once all the sections are in place and dressed out stand back and walk around the tree, any gaps will become apparent, so just tweak the branches to cover the gaps.

If space is tight and the tree is going against the wall just don’t dress out the back branches and fold them back up against the central pole. Push your tree up against the wall before you put on the lights and decorations as there is absolutely no point in decorating the back where it won’t be seen.

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