Cook Pork Ribs (Baby Back) On The Weber 57Cm MasterTouch BBQ

Cook Pork Ribs (Baby Back) On The Weber 57Cm MasterTouch BBQ

Use Angus & Oink BBQ sauces and rubs to produce flavoursome baby back ribs

Sticky, smokey, pork ribs cooked ‘low and slow’ on the Weber MasterTouch BBQ are one of the highlights of having a barbecue. Even if the weather is rough and you have to eat indoors they are still delicious, so don’t wait for a sunny day to fire up the barbecue. The ribs usually come with a membrane on the back which needs to be removed before you cook them as it won’t render down, but in this video top UK BBQ chef Richard Holden shows you a great tip for removing it quite easily.



  • rack of pork (baby back) ribs
  • American mustard
  • Angus & Oink rub ‘Moo-mami’
  • Angus & Oink sauce ‘Rampant Angus’
  • Weber hickory wood chunks

Once the membrane is removed cover the ribs with a light coat of American mustard, this gives them a little sweetness and enables the dry rub to stick. Apply a generous coating of your favourite rub all over the ribs; we have used ‘Moo-mami’ from Angus & Oink.

Heat the BBQ to 120 – 130C (248 – 266F), the ideal temperature for a low and slow cook, and set the coals for indirect cooking. To speed up the time it takes to bring the BBQ up to the correct heat start off the briquettes in a Weber Chimney Starter. Add 4 – 5 chunks of the hickory wood to the lighted briquettes.

Place the ribs onto the grill over the portion which doesn’t have the fuel underneath and place a large Weber Foil Drip Pan below the ribs to catch any dripping juices, you can put some liquid into the drip pan to keep the ribs moist if required. You will need to keep an eye on the temperature to make sure it is maintained. After about 1.5 hours the internal temperature of the ribs should be around 75C (167F) and the meat will be coming away from the ends of the bone. An Instant Read Thermometer is invaluable when barbecuing as it allows you to know exactly when the meat is ready for the next stage or to come off the grill.

Once the ribs have reached this temperature remove them onto a sheet of baking parchment placed over a sheet of tinfoil. Cover the ribs with a BBQ sauce, we have used ‘Rampant Angus’ from Angus & Oink which is a sweet, medium hot sauce. Carefully wrap up the sauced ribs in the foil and parchment; the parchment prevents the bones from penetrating the foil which if pierced would lose all the lovely juices. Replace the ribs over the indirect portion of the coals.

Cook the ribs for a further 1 – 1.5 hours until they have reached a temperature of 95C (203F) at which point the connective tissue in the meat will have rendered down and you will be left with delicious, tender, sticky ribs. Even if you think the ribs are cooked and they haven’t reached this temperature don’t be tempted to take them off as they could be quite tough. Let the ribs rest for 30 – 45 minutes before serving.

Our staff in The Barbecue Shop here in store are trained at Weber and can answer any queries you may have concerning your BBQ so why not pop in to see them; if you come at a weekend during the season you will probably be able to see and taste something being cooked. 

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