Wishing Tree in 'Santa at the North Pole' experience
Angela Slater
Daughter of a farmer and market gardener so have always had a connection with the outdoors, whether it was keeping animals or producing fruit, vegetables and cut flowers. Along with my work at Hayes Garden World I also have a smallholding, mainly breeding rare breed pigs. I gained an HND and BSc in Conservation and Environmental Land Management, as a result I am an ardent environmentalist and have a keen interest in environmentally friendly gardening. In my time at Hayes I worked for several years in the Outdoor Plant and Houseplant areas

Wishing Tree

Visit our 'Santa' experience and hang your Christmas wish on the tree

Visit our 'Santa at the North Pole' experience and let the kiddies hang a wish on the Wishing Tree. As we all know Santa tries his very best to grant all the wishes. Most wishing trees nowadays try and divert the focus from the material aspects of Christmas and emphasise the more spiritual and charitable meaning of Christmas.

Associating special trees with granting wishes has been around for centuries and still takes many forms all over the world today.

The Christmas tree is thought to be associated with pre-Christian pagan rituals when offerings were tied to special trees to appease the gods. These offerings now take the form of decorations. Before pine trees were introduced from Germany by Prince Albert we hung apples, candles and ribbons from evergreen branches brought into the house. These tokens represented the wishes of the family.

Some trees, such as the one at Aire Force, Ullswater have coins hammered into the bark, not just at Christmas but all the year round. The cloutie well at Madron in Cornwall has pieces of cloth tied to the branches; as they rot so the ailment is supposed to disappear.

Wishing Tree at the 'Santa at the North Pole' experience

Please could Santa grant the wishes we have had tied to our tree; there are just a few below.

  • Manda – I wish for a puppy and lots of money
  • Hugo – I wish for a drum kit
  • XXXXXX – I wish for dogs everywhere
  • Ellis – Race car please
  • Tomas – I wish for a new snuggle and some more dummies
  • Elliana – I wish for a Barbie doll
  • Taylor – I wish for a quad
  • Anon – Hope my mum’s op goes well
  • Casper – I wish for some Lego
  • Kirbi, Danny & Boe – I wish for the best Christmas with my family
  • Emilia – I would really love 2 dogs, Lucy and Lola
  • Harry – I wish for a train please
  • Emily – I wish I was a princess
  • Anon – Please can I have something
  • Lily F – I wish I could have a unicorn
  • Alice – I wish it would snow
  • Samantha – Please may I have for Christmas a skoota
  • Ben – Please can I have a Hornby Mallard
  • Rebecca – I wish for some more hammer beads
  • Amber – I wish for a dog! Pretty please
  • Isabelle – I hope that I could have a BMX
  • Anya – Bike, doll, pram and lots of snow
  • Isla – I wish for skates – reindeer legs crossed
  • Keisea – I wish for a baby owl please
  • Deacon Thompson – I wish to have no more heart operations and to not be a poorly boy anymore
  • Amelia – For a ipod or a giraffe toy, it is pink and purple
  • Leon Mansergh - I wish for snow and bike
  • Aiden - I miss you Nanna
  • Poppy - I wish I had a pony called Elesia
  • Marabel - I wish for a baby brother
  • Kiki - I wish for a dog
  • Charlie Boy - Please can I have a dinosaur
  • Alisha - I wish for a go-kart
  • Anon - I wish to have more friends
  • Paige - I wish for a lizard
  • Anon - I wish every person will live hapie
  • Peter - knights, dragons & castles, some playdough please
  • Ryan - I want for christmas is lots of chocolate
  • Olivia - for Christmas I would like mincraft piggy
  • Amy, Col, Bea Elliot - For my Dad get better soon
  • Zoe, Stuart - Carlton - I wish for our county to have a speedy recovery from the floods
  • Summer, Joshua & Ethan - play doo, digger army toys
  • Isobel - I wish to see Santa
  • Rosie Jane Murray - I wish for a Anna Frozen fever dolly
  • Nico - I wish for Paw Patrol toys
  • Anon - I wish for a hamster of my own
  • Anon - I wish for a garden gnome
  • Alexie- I wish for a unicorn
  • Taylor Carter - I wish a red doggy
  • Shai - Doug the pug (dog)
  • Madison Stafford - I wish for crazy sand
  • Isabella - a toy train and snow
  • Lise - I wish for a kitten with a lead
  • Anon - I wish everybody has a Merry Christmas even if you don't get presents
  • Aiden - I wish for a ladybird
  • Anon - I wish that my family was good
  • Eva - I wish to get marid
  • Anon - I wish to live in a castle
  • Anon - Giant tarantchila soider hopper board
  • Sebastian Hill - I wish I could go into space
  • Anon - I wish for hugs and kisses
  • Isabel - I wish for a flying reindeer
  • Nikos - I wish to be a teacher
  • Anon - I wish for lots of butterflies everywhere
  • Anon - I wish for chorley cake
  • Florence Johnson - I wish I have a chocolate bike
  • Isabella - I wish to go to the real North Pole
  • Anon - I wish that Santa comes on Christmas day to all the flood victims
  • Ashton - I wish for a green fishing rod and a blue camera
  • Edward - I wish to be a ninja turtle
  • Thomas Galloway - A real monkey

Please come and enjoy our Polar Experience, hang your wish on the tree and visit Santa in his igloo. We have opened this experience for children to enjoy, and our staff have worked long into the night to ensure that this happens; so parents please could you supervise your children at all times, as our North Pole has already been wrecked by unsupervised children before it even opened.

For a taste of Christmas 2015 here at Hayes Garden World please click on the link: ‘Christmas 2015 is here!’.