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Angela Slater
Daughter of a farmer and market gardener so have always had a connection with the outdoors, whether it was keeping animals or producing fruit, vegetables and cut flowers. Along with my work at Hayes Garden World I also have a smallholding, mainly breeding rare breed pigs. I gained an HND and BSc in Conservation and Environmental Land Management, as a result I am an ardent environmentalist and have a keen interest in environmentally friendly gardening. In my time at Hayes I worked for several years in the Outdoor Plant and Houseplant areas

What garden furniture do I need?

Whatever size your outdoor living space we have the garden furniture to fit

Our outdoor spaces can often be our sanctuaries, entertaining venues, work areas, playgrounds or just somewhere to grow plants. Whatever you use your space for it undoubtably needs some garden furniture for seating, dining or just sun worshipping. Investing in your garden furniture can sometimes be substantial so you really need to make sure your furniture is fit for purpose. If you don’t intend to eat outdoors then a dining set would be wasted, you need to buy a comfortable lounge set where you can relax in luxury, just add a fire pit, plenty of cushions and a snuggly throw for those cool evenings.

We sell every style of garden furniture for every conceivable position in your outdoor space, from a single chair to tuck into a secluded corner to a large 12 seat dining set for when you fire up the barbecue and invite family and friends. Garden furniture need not just be positioned on the patio next to the house, think about that secluded corner at the end of the garden surrounded by scented plants where you can escape to with a good book and a glass of something after a stressful day.

All our garden furniture comes with warranty and is fully weatherproof so can be left outdoors all year round. We do recommend that the cushions be taken indoors or stored in a cushion box over winter. If high winds are forecast please take down any parasols, gazebos or awnings and do secure the furniture, tie it all together or take indoors to prevent injury to yourselves or damage to the property. Our resin weave garden furniture is also perfect for conservatories especially if they are unheated as they won’t go mouldy or warp over winter. If covering your garden furniture in winter gives you more peace of mind or if it is sited underneath trees or the birds flight path then we have covers to fit, just click here to view the range.

We sell furniture constructed from timber, aluminium, synthetic rattan weave, fabric, rope or wood so the first decision you have to make is what look are you going for. The aluminium and rattan weave are ideal for a contemporary outdoor space and are very low maintenance, just clean down at the beginning of the season. Wooden garden furniture is more suited to a classic English style garden and is more labour intensive as regards to maintenance. Regular treatment will ensure your wooden furniture lasts as long as possible in a pristine condition but leaving the timber untreated will result in the wood fading to a silvery grey. 

Many outdoor living spaces are just a small courtyard but don’t despair, we have small sets to accommodate, everyone needs somewhere to sit even in the smallest areas. The Sunnii range are the most comfortable compact lounge sets but if these are still going to be too cumbersome in your space we do have benches and small bistro sets for 2 people, ideal for a balcony. The most economically sized garden furniture are the fold up bistro sets which can be hung from the wall when not in use.


parasols and parasol bases at Hayes Garden World

A garden parasol or gazebo is essential for sun protection so make sure you choose the correct one for your garden space. If you choose a garden table with a hole through the centre then the base does not have to be very heavy as the table is doing some of the work. Choosing a free standing parasol will give you more flexibility when positioning to reflect the changing aspect of the sun. If space is a problem the wall mounted parasol is the most effective. The parasols don’t offer any protection from heavy rain so if you want to still enjoy your outdoor space in these conditions then a gazebo with a waterproof roof would be recommended. Don’t forget if strong winds are forecast you will need to take down your parasol or gazebo.


garden benches at Hayes Garden World

We have benches available to seat from 2 to 6 people so your first decision is where are you going to position your bench? Do you have a quiet nook where you just want to sit and admire your handiwork, if so maybe a 2 seater bench will suffice. Erect a pergola or arbour over your bench and grow scented climbers to give you an extra sensory experience while chilling out. If you have a gorgeous tree where you love to sit under it’s shady canopy in summer we have half benches which fit round the trunk, if you want seating all around the trunk you will have to buy 2 sections. The Lutyens style benches can really set off a classic English garden. Even a small patio can accommodate a space saving bench along one wall, the aluminium styles are perfect for these tight spaces and can easily be made comfortable with a pile of cushions. Many of the benches are self-assembly but relatively straightforward to construct, if this is a problem please call Customer Services who will be able to advise which benches are available ready built.

Single seats 

cocoons at Hayes Garden World

We have a range of single seats in a variety of materials, wood, aluminium, resin weave, rope and mixes of fabrics. These are ideal if you have your favourite chill out spot for a bit of me time. One of our most popular designs are the cocoons, not only for the garden but also ideal for children’s bedrooms and conservatories. You can make up your own set from the chairs and tables we have to offer however do bear in mind that buying a dedicated set could save you money.

Bistro sets

garden bistro sets at Hayes Garden World

These little compact sets are one of our best selling range as they are perfect for popping into a sunny corner where you can enjoy your morning coffee. Again, we have them constructed from a wide range of materials and the chairs range from the small aluminium to the larger comfy resin weave. Think about how much time you will be spending sat in them as to the level of comfort required.

Lounge sets

garden lounge sets at Hayes Garden World

If you love the idea of spending glorious evenings in the company of family and friends chilling out on some comfy garden furniture then the lounge sets are for you. If you are planning to BBQ or eat outside frequently then the dining sets would be more appropriate, many of them also combine the comfort of a lounge set so think carefully about what would be the right set for you. The resin weave sets can be quite large so please ensure they are able to actually get into the back garden. They are available in sizes ranging from 4 person sets to large corner sets capable of seating 8 – 10 people. The resin weave is fully weatherproof so can be left outdoors all year round, the only maintenance being a wipe down in spring, although we do recommend that the cushions be taken in over winter.

Dining sets

garden dining sets at Hayes Garden World

A dining set is a must if you love barbecuing and eating outdoors as they offer a premium outdoor eating experience without the need to juggle a plate and glass while stood up or perched on a dining chair. As with the lounge sets they are available in a variety of materials and sizes so think carefully how many you will be catering for, and that perennial problem of can you actually get it into the back garden. When deciding on how large a set to buy don’t forget to leave space for the BBQ to be sited at a safe distance from furniture. There are many styles of sets with some having the more traditional dining chairs and others which are a hybrid of the dining and lounge sets, ideal if you don’t have the space for both a dining and a lounge set.


sunloungers and relaxers at Hayes Garden World

A garden lounger or relaxer is essential if you are a sun worshipper and again they come in various styles and materials which vary widely in price from just a few pounds for a fold up relaxer to the more expensive resin weave loungers which look absolutely stunning in a contemporary outdoor living space. Ideally our outdoor living spaces would be large enough to be able to have the all the outdoor furniture required for the various functions, dining, lounging, morning coffee and sunbathing. If space is limited and you don’t have the extra space for a lounger there are dining sets which are comfortable and can recline so perform three functions in one compact set.

Fire pits/outdoor heating

fire pits at Hayes Garden World

Enjoying your outdoor space shouldn’t stop when the sun goes down so investing in a fire pit or a dining set with an integrated fire pit allows you to enjoy being outside for longer in the fresh air, just add some soft snuggly throws. If space is tight the dining set with the fire pit in the centre of the table is the way to go and essential if there are small children in the house where a free standing fire pit would be a hazard. Fire pits which just burn logs can be bought for just a few pounds or you can buy a contemporary European styled fire pit which would suit a modern chic outdoor living space. The gas burning fire pits are much cleaner than wood and have the advantage of no messy ashes to clear away.


barbecues at Hayes Garden World

A barbecue is essential for enjoying your outdoor space and you don’t have to be an experienced pitmaster to produce some delicious food to relish with family and friends. We have masses of BBQ recipes and demonstrations by top BBQ chef Richard Holden on our Youtube channel that you could easily master with very little prior experience. We stock a vast range of grills from a small portable, which is ideal if you are heading to the beach or countryside for a picnic, to the fabulous outdoor kitchens which contain everything you need to grill; sink, fridge, prep areas, storage drawers and cupboards and of course the grill itself. The Barbecue Shop is open all year round for all your barbecuing needs from rubs to pizza dough balls to everything else and if all that choice is bewildering please ask one of the team for advice.  

When ordering your furniture please measure carefully if your space or access to your garden is tight, it is surprising how many people order their furniture only to find they can’t actually get it into the back garden. If you would like any help or advice just call our Customer Services team and they will do their best to sort out any problems or queries you may have.